You don't know how to clean insoles in your shoes? We advise!

If you take care of your footwear properly, it will last much longer! However, you must know that shoe care performed only from the outside is definitely not enough. A foot that is in the shoe for several hours sweats and begins to emit an unpleasant odor, which makes the inside of the shoe an ideal place for the growth of all bacteria and fungi. Find out how to effectively clean shoe insoles. Try our tips.

How do I clean shoe insoles?

Material inserts

In the case of a lining made of artificial material, the best solution is water with soap or a delicate washing liquid. In the case of delicate dirt, it is enough to soak the sponge in a solution of water and liquid, and then gently rub the dirty surface.

If you are dealing with more stubborn dirt, you can try cleaning with a brush. It is important that the bristles of the brush are not too hard, as they could tear the delicate material from which the inlay is sewn.

Leather insoles

Insoles made of natural leather are much more comfortable and healthier for your foot, and also prevent excessive sweating and painful abrasions. Regular care of natural leather insoles is as important as in the case of fabric insoles.

Remember! Natural leather does not like excessive contact with moisture, so avoid abundant soaking under running water or immersing it.

You can get rid of dirt from leather inserts with a slightly moistened cloth. All you need to do is wipe the inside of the shoes and then leave them in a dark but airy place to dry completely.

In the case of the leather lining of the shoe, all kinds of foams and sprays for the care of the inside of the shoe, which you can easily find in shoe stores, will also work perfectly well. Choosing such a solution will be a bit more expensive, but it will allow you to safely and properly get rid of stubborn dirt.

We clean shoe insoles - what about unpleasant odors?

Simply cleaning the lining of the shoe may not be enough to remove unpleasant odors from the inside of the shoe. Fortunately, there are many home remedies for dealing with this problem with ease. Here are a few of them:

  • Baking soda - it is enough to pour a small amount of baking soda into the shoe and then leave it overnight. The soda will easily absorb the unpleasant smell, leaving your shoes fresh and ready for use. However, remember to thoroughly remove any residual powder in the morning with a cloth or brush.

  • Tea bags - If left in a shoe for a few hours, they will not only absorb excess moisture and unpleasant smell, but also refresh the shoes and leave a pleasant, herbal aroma inside.

  • Adequate storage - It is also important to have a suitable place where you store your shoes on a daily basis. It is worth emphasizing that warm and humid places are perfect conditions for the development of bacteria and fungi, so it is important to ventilate the footwear regularly and store it in a ventilated place.

Proper care of your footwear is extremely important. They will not only look great from the outside, but will also become much more pleasant in everyday use - especially for your feet!