Tullo shoes are extremely feminine, charming and elegant footwear. It brings to mind summer and spring months, long sunny days and the scent of flowers. These shoes are designed for women of all ages, who appreciate subtlety, femininity and delicacy.

Femininity above all

Most Tullo models are kept in soft, pastel colors. Thanks to this, on their basis you can compose unforgettable summer stylizations, filled with grace and charm. Tullo shoes are also incredibly comfortable, so you can successfully wear them throughout the day. With their help, you can get a fantastic look that will make you shine at every summer festival. Undoubtedly, beside Tullo's shoes, you can not be indifferent!

Trendy design

Shoes coming from under the wings of the Tullo brand are also incredibly fashionable. Their charm and character is enhanced by thoughtful additions: straps, floral prints, metallic inserts, creases or original soles. Thanks to these details, Tullo shoes are footwear that attracts attention.