Kylie is a producer of fashionable and stylish women's shoes. Slippers are a perfect solution for hot days. They are suitable both for everyday wear and for going out to the pool or for a stroll along the picturesque beach.

Sturdy women's slippers

Presented women's slippers combine style and comfort of use. The flaps are made of ecological leather, which looks great in all circumstances. The shoes have profiled insoles made of natural, high-quality leather, thanks to which they guarantee comfort of use and allow the foot to breathe. Slip-on flaps are extremely comfortable even for longer walks. The shoes have plastic soles with a tread, thanks to which they have non-slip properties.

Shoes for every day

The wide range of women's flaps guarantees the choice and fitting of shoes for any styling. Slippers are a perfect solution for hot days, full of sunshine. Additional, subtle decorations make the shoes enjoy unique, but classic design.