Renda is a brand that is an interesting proposition for a fashionable and stylish woman. Manufacturer's footwear is available in many stylistic variants. That is why it is one of the most interesting proposals for various summer shoes available on the market.

A wide range of footwear

The presented offer shows summer sandals, or shoes dedicated to hot days. The notes are made of high quality materials, including organic skin. The inner liner is also made of ecological leather, soft and allows the skin to breathe. The flat, patented plastic heel exhibits non-slip properties and provides good adhesion to any type of substrate.

Sandals with style

Renda is a brand offering a wide range of women's flat heels. They appear in a classic, subdued style. The shoes are additionally decorated with crystals that enliven the look and let them stand out from the crowd. Footwear comes in two variants - fastened with a classic buckle and equipped with an elastic band, making it easier to put on.