Sergio Leone is a brand of shoes dedicated to self-confident women who appreciate classic styles. Footwear works on every occasion, combining high quality of workmanship with an affordable market price.

Sergio Leone, or solidly made shoes

Sergio Leone shoes are made of high-quality materials, such as ecological suede or leather-like material. Solid sewing is the trademark of the brand. Thanks to the natural leather insole, they are extremely comfortable to wear, and the foot does not slip even on hot days. The pumps in the presented offer have a heel in the shape of a post or a pin, which allows you to comfortably wear shoes that look exceptionally impressive.

A timeless classic

Serio Leone pumps are offered in a classic style, so there is no problem with matching them to any styling. The shoes are available with or without a built-in toe. The presented offer is dominated by shades of white, beige, black and gray, i.e. classic stylistics.