Pumps are an extremely universal element of every woman's wardrobe. They will be perfect for big outings, every day, a romantic date or for the office. They will perfectly complement official stylizations that will require a specific dress-code, as well as those less obliging, in which a classic accent will add a feminine expression.

Gregors shoes

All Gregors shoes have extremely classic cuts. That is why they will surely catch the eye of many mature women as well as those who are spreading their wings fashion enthusiasts. They will perfectly match official stylizations, even ladies who are looking for accessories that emphasize their seriousness and pride can wear them without fear. On the other hand, they will also emphasize girls' cuts very well, and - due to the current fashion reminiscences from the 80s - they can be used as an addition to even bolder outfits.

Gregors pumps

Gregors pumps are made of natural leather, which will not only look beautiful, but also - compared to plastic shoes - will not interfere with air circulation, which significantly increases the comfort of wearing them. Good quality leather ensures that the foot is provided with a sufficient level of softness, which significantly reduces fatigue and swelling of the legs, even after a long day in shoes.

The insoles in Gregors shoes are also made of leather, which additionally increases the attractiveness of their use. Gregors pumps are a great complement to the wardrobe for every active woman who spends many hours outside the home in footwear.

Depending on the needs and creation, we can choose from numerous models of Gregors pumps. They are available in several variants, which differ mainly in the applications - which were used to finish them - and the type of heel. For ladies who spend a lot of time on the move, those with low heels or wedges will be perfect.

Gregors shoes also for older women

Ladies in mature and older age will certainly find on offer perfect for themselves. Some of the models are even intended for women who especially value comfort. It is worth paying attention to those with a heel with a characteristic "duckling" not more than 3.5 - 4.5 cm high. Specially selected grain leather provides very good ventilation here, which does not cause discomfort when wearing them. And the shoes themselves are sewn in such a way that even their long-term use does not cause imprints, abrasions or blisters. They do not put pressure on the feet, which means that even at the end of the day, ladies will not have the impression of their feet swelling as a result of wearing them.

Pumps for every styling

The offer of the Gregors brand, fashions for themselves, can also be found by younger women who are looking for classic models. Pumps made of grain leather with medium-high heels are recommended here, which will perfectly match both a suit, jeans, and official outfits for larger events.