The Polish company Edeo with a long tradition, for each season is measured with the presentation of excellent footwear collections. Women's pumps, which we find in a wide range, are characterized by a unique look and, above all, comfort that women will encounter after the first putting on their feet.


"Elegant diversity in a beautiful edition"


Edeo pumps are characterized by the uniqueness of workmanship, which is evident in every detail.


The material used for the production of various cuts is high-quality natural leather. We can choose it in the form of suede or entirely painted or presenting a natural texture. This makes each pair of pumps have something unique that makes the entire silhouette gaining.


In the wide range you will find shuttles on:

- post

- a pin,

- wedges.


Their various heights allow you to adjust the heel to individual preferences.


Soft insoles and not oppressing the inside of the shoe - these features will affect the comfort of wearing in any situation.


"Unusual finish and attention to detail"


From among a wide range of models, we find such pumps that have bare heels and toes or are built-in and have a strap to fasten.


Fascals with interesting graphics on the upper or heels are unique. Such elements will stand out and allow for the creation of very original stylizations.


We also find iconic and simple black pumps, matching everything and patterns with contrasting colors or with decorative elements such as: bow, button, buckle.


"Multifunctionality and convenience in one"


Edeo pumps tailored to your own expectations will allow you to feel confident in one hundred percent. Extraordinary looking legs after their foundation will make the entire silhouette look very feminine. Choosing the right outfit for the type of shoes will be easier.


What makes the shuttles outstanding is simply convenience. Even long hours of walking on the heel will be comfortable and the legs will rest in every situation.