Comfort and aesthetics can go hand in hand - McArthur women's shoes

McArthur is a synonym and a specific quality mark for sports footwear and trekkinghim. Women's shoes of this brand are intended for women with an active lifestyle, and at the same time looking for shoes in which the price-quality ratio is fair and rational. The brand also responds to the needs of customers who feel best in an urban environment.

McArthur - a brand with traditions

The company is distinguished by a 20-year experience on the Polish market, which is why it is widely known not only among athletes and active people. Initially, the brand dealt with the design of a wide range of sports shoes, incl trekkinghim. Over time, McArthur expanded its range to include other sports models, e.g. sneakers, as well as shoes with a more official character, such as ballerinas, high heels or sandals women.

McArthur in a big city

In the assortment of the store you will find also sandals Women's McArthur. The patterns are kept in a casual, casual style, thanks to which they match many summer, light clothes. Both velcro-fastened models are available - typical Sports, matching cotton shorts and airy pants, as well as minimalist flip-flops that will look great in more stylish combinations, e.g. with a maxi dress.

For mountain walkers - women's trekking shoes

For thirsty mountain voyages, McArthur offers durable and solid boots trekking. Women's this type of footwear is distinguished by a more subtle design, and every detail of the production, ranging from the selection of leather, bottom, sewing and gluing, to the choice of the insert is carefully refined. Materials selected by technologists allow the foot to "breathe". Shoe soles have a great grip on the ground, while they are durable and flexible, which allows you to safely roam the mountains.

Thinking about active women

McArthur does not forget about the busy lovers of urban elegance. boots McArthur made of grain and suede leather is a response to the needs of the most demanding customers who follow the current trends. The offer includes both classic models - musketeers, boots, as well as sashes reaching ankles or boots on a fashionable block heel.

McArthur women's shoes especially women who have Sports jam, as well as those that focus on comfort and functionality. Seasonal McArthur offers mainly include models with a classic line, in which there are accents of the current fashion trends. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with our collections.