Caprice shoes, coming directly from the factory of this German manufacturer, are an excellent choice for women who like comfort and elegance. Diverse cuts, great appearance and quality of workmanship are the hallmarks of shoes signed by this brand.

Different needs, one brand

Our offer includes models with different characteristics, prepared with the different needs of users in mind. A pair for themselves can be successfully found by both lovers of elegance in the classic edition, as well as women who choose less formal and lighter stylizations. Successful shopping can also be done by ladies going for an official occasion, looking for shoes for the office, in line with the adopted dress code, or planning to go out for a less formal meeting with their friends.

Chic and elegance are in the details

The classic elegance is ensured by the use of black colors, enriched with interesting-looking accessories, in the form of clasps, belts, decorative metalwork, decorative lacings with characteristic press studs, or small leather additions.

It is worth paying attention to the material from which they were made. It is mostly natural leather - smooth or suede, supplemented with high-quality textiles.

Shoes for everyday, less demanding use are characterized by a simpler, well-thought-out cut, with smaller clasps and subtle decorations made directly on the skin. Consequently, the color palette is wider and consists of interesting shades.

Another feature that distinguishes individual Caprice shoes is the way they are put on. The range of products available in our store includes traditional lace-up shoes, with a zipper replacing laces, and in a slip-on form, with an elastic insert ensuring proper adhesion of the shoe to the foot.

For amateurs of heights

For amateurs of higher walking, the offer includes models with heels reaching a height of over 8 cm. There are also shoes with lower heels, up to the minimum size of no more than 1 cm.

We invite you to take a detailed look at individual products from our offer.