Queentina is a brand of high quality women's footwear, ideally composing with a variety of styles. Winter footwear from this manufacturer offers high quality and comfort of use during cold days.

Queentina - footwear on time

The Queentina brand offers extremely fashionable winter boots - boots and thighs reaching above the knee. The shoes are made of ecological suede and are distinguished by a solid stitching. Sole made of synthetic material effectively protects against slipping during cold days. The presented footwear is offered in several options - flat heel, low heel in the shape of a square or heel in the shape of a pole.

Fashionable and stylish women's footwear

Queentina is a brand that is associated with fashionable and stylish women's footwear. Thanks to the appropriate insulation, the shoes can be worn during the cold, protecting the foot against freezing air. Presented footwear is available in classic colors, among which shades of beige and black dominate.