Gregors has created a collection of ankle boots for women that give maximum comfort when worn. Their construction and materials are practically designed, which makes them adjust to the feet and stably stick to them. And most importantly: it is a peculiar must have of a woman's wardrobe.

"The highest quality and diversity in the collection"

Gregors boots are made of genuine leather, which is of the highest quality. The upper reaches the ankle, which means that it will not thicken the calf and display the entire legs nicely.

The offer includes boots insulated inside with a soft material for the winter as well as models without insulation, working well in early spring and autumn.

In Gregors boots, we can find the following fashions:

- laced;

- with zippers on the inside or on both sides;

- having elastic bands instead of zippers.

Various heights allow you to choose shoes to your liking. Low and high wedges as well as heels in the shape of a pole are available.

The classic color is black, which dominates the entire assortment. It is the most popular color that has found the worship of many women and fits virtually everything. In turn, the combination of smooth leather and suede looks impressive and original.

The decorative elements that attract attention in Gregors boots are:

- decorative buckles;

- inserts with the sole of a different color, e.g. red;

- visible stitching at the sole;

- uppers rolled up;

- aesthetic creases.

The attention is attracted by the soles, which construction contributes to the stable holding of the legs, which is extremely important when walking in winter on slippery pavements.

"The beauty of legs in every respect"

Boots are great with short skirts, shorts and trousers. Choosing this type of footwear is an investment in multitasking, manifested in the fact that we can wear them on various occasions and will always look great. Their appearance has permanently inscribed in fashion trends, so that we will always be on time.