The Edeo brand meets the expectations of women and creates for each season unique models that combine the latest trends from the world of fashion. The company with more than 40 years of experience responds to all expectations of its customers and its excellent boots are comfortable and on top with all new products.

"Quality at a high level"

Choosing Edeo boots, we choose excellent workmanship, which is at the highest level. The main material is high-quality natural leather, characterized by softness and comfort in use. In turn, the interior, depending on the chosen model, is lined with leather or insulated material that will work on colder and colder days.

Aspects that distinguish particular models are:

- height of the upper,

- height and type of heel,

- type of nose.

A wide selection will allow you to match Edeo boots to the shape of each leg and various preferences. The most popular is the classic model on a flat sole or having a heel in the shape of a pole with different heights (from 7 to 9 cm).

"Attractive design and iconic colors"

What attracts attention is the fashion of the worn footwear. The standard is deep black and gray, which will fit most stylizations for various occasions.

Interesting additions are:

- perfectly sewn in zippers, making it easier to put on and take off your shoes;

- decorative stripes with buckles in gold or silver;

- quilted or an interesting pattern, e.g. small diamonds.

"Stability is the basis"

Edeo boots are characterized by extraordinary stability. Thanks to the perfectly fitting upper and correctly profiled sole, our shoes keep our figure. Even a nine-centimeter heel will give us confidence. Autumnal mud or icy walkways will not be a nightmare. It's easy to take another step without worrying about falling.

"Second skin"

Footwear Edeo is a kind of investment in perfect well-being and pleasant walking every day. You can quickly feel that boots are a great choice for fall and winter.