Boots of the renowned Polish company Daszyński are high-class footwear intended for autumn and winter wear. Made with attention to the smallest detail, they look great and provide the foot with the highest comfort of use. Made of good quality materials, they are solid and durable, guarantee the fusion of warmth and protect it against moisture, even in the biggest fluff.

Daszyński footwear is an example of a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality - features that often contradict each other. The Polish manufacturer has managed to create footwear that will provide us with both attractive appearance and comfort. Daszyński boots were sewn with attention to detail and designed so that they serve us flawlessly in autumn and winter. The advantage of the shoes is a stable heel, which increases our height without reducing our comfort - all ladies who do not want to give up heels during the winter and want to feel elegant in the winter will be satisfied with this solution. An additional advantage is also the non-slip sole, which ensures stability even when we move on slippery surfaces. Wearing Daszyński boots, we do not risk slipping on the ice and risking injuries.

The presented boots have a stiff heel counter, thanks to which they provide the foot with stability and prevent it from sliding. The shoes fit perfectly on the leg and guarantee maximum comfort. Made entirely of high-quality leather-like material, they look great and are resistant to damage. They do not crack, fray, and are resistant to abrasions.

Insulated Daszyński boots were designed taking into account the specific weather conditions in autumn and winter. The shoes not only do not leak and are resistant to moisture, but also perfectly protect the foot from the cold. The inside of the shoe is lined with fleece, which protects against cold even on the coldest days.

Extremely stylish boots from the valued Daszyński brand will be especially liked by those ladies who appreciate elegance and like modern, slightly rocky style. Thanks to the presented boots, they will create many unique styles that will surely attract attention.