Lifestyle transfer from sports floors

The Asics company has been supplying footwear strictly intended for team sports for many years. The advantages of innovative brand solutions are appreciated by, among others volleyball, basketball and handball players. The championship of shoes aimed at shock absorption of jump and landing is a quality supported by years of experience. Special technologies, including local stiffening of the ankle joint, as well as the selection of materials with appropriate elastic properties make Asics shoes a guarantee of safety.

Asics - emphasizes your sports character

If footwear subjected to extreme overload during top-level sports competitions is appreciated by professionals, you will also be satisfied. By choosing Asics, you choose to be ready to act in all conditions. Being late to school, work or on the bus will not cease to be a problem, but the right footwear will guarantee a smooth transition from relaxed to active mode, which will significantly improve your chances of fighting time.