Comfort in a sports edition

The original shoes, which exude a specific cult for many years are always on top and more and more new devotees choose their modern incarnations. The presented offer includes sport versions made of chamois leather, which is characterized by high durability even for several seasons of wearing. Full comfort is complemented by the use of the latest technologies, which are included in the upper or sole. Therefore, there is an excellent cushioning at every step and preventing sweating of the feet.

A unique look in different situations

The design of suede sports shoes is endearing. Classic, uniform or decorative finishes are great for both daily outings on the city, as well as for training in the gym. Each woman can match her favorite color accordingly: pink, red, black, gray, green, blue, as well as various decorations: ribbons instead of shoelaces, bows on the heel. Patterns are also varied, so they can often be the leitmotif of the entire clothing statement.