Why is it worth having white sandals?

White sandals are a must-have in the wardrobe of every stylish woman. They fit literally on any occasion and emphasize the tan in an amazing way. Provide your feet with comfort and a stylish look by choosing white sandals. We advise you on what to wear them with and how to care for them to enjoy their flawless appearance for a long time.

A few reasons why we love white sandals

Summer is fast approaching and you are probably looking for a new pair of shoes for the impending heat. We know very well how important it is to combine comfort and style. White sandals are simply a fashion must-have in your wardrobe! 

Due to the color, they are truly universal. They fit practically every outfit and… for every occasion! Whether you are going to the beach, a date, a walk around the city or maybe you are a future bride - white sandals are just must-have!

White is associated with elegance and sophisticated style, and at the same time can be worn in the company of looser stylizations.

There are countless options when choosing the perfect pair for this summer. In our store, these shoes are available with both flat soles and high heels. The latter will definitely work out if you want to visually slim your legs. They will harmoniously lengthen them, while emphasizing your summer tan.

Depending on your preferences, choose a square or rounded form. Pay attention to the presence of decorative elements. White sandals can delight the eye with rich decorations, as well as charm with classic simplicity.

What to wear white sandals with?

White sandals perfectly harmonize with almost all stylizations. They look brilliant in a monochrome combination of black and white, and also look divine in the company of a whole range of colors. This year it is very fashionable to combine white with various shades of beige or gray. Delicate pastels, just like brighter colors, look stunning with white sandals.

You don't have to worry about a mismatched pedicure color. White sandals will look great with any shade of nail polish. However, remember that the color of the pedicure should match one of the elements of your styling. The safest solution will certainly be classic French, white or black.

The model with heels will be perfect not only for the future bride. It will perfectly complement any evening outfit, whether you opt for a long, ground-length dress or a stylish women's suit. You can also wear them to the office. They fit both skirt and pants. 

If you want your image to be harmonious, it is worth following a few tips. First, avoid pairing ornate sandals with fancy dresses. Replace them with more subdued, simple styles. However, if you decide on sandals with ornaments, choose a minimalist wardrobe. Don't be afraid to go crazy with the colors! White goes with almost everything. It will be a good idea to choose at least one garment to match the shade of your shoes. White T-shirts or shirts will work great. 

As for the handbag, a safe solution is to match the same shade as for the shoes. If you like fancy combinations, try to make your purse harmonize with the rest of the styling.

White sandals for all occasions

If you're going to the beach, pair with white sandals with beige linen shorts and a loose white blouse. Put your favorite swimsuit underneath and you're done! They are perfect for the city in combination with jeans and a stylish T-shirt. Don't forget stylish sunglasses! If you want to get trendy this year total lookcombine this look with a katana in a lighter shade. You can also wear a loose double-breasted jacket.

Are you planning a date? Go for white high-heeled sandals and pair them with a mini skirt and girly patterned blouse. In this way, you will pay attention to shapely legs and effectively emphasize the tan.

White sandals can also be worn in a more elegant version. The high heels go great with cocktail dresses - from mini to maxi. The white color of the shoes is perfect for the office. It looks professional and harmoniously fits into an office space dress code.

How to care for white sandals?

Unfortunately, white shoes get dirty quickly. Fortunately, taking care of white sandals is not as difficult as it may seem. Before putting them on for the first time, use an impregnation agent. This way you will make your shoes more resistant to pollution.

If you struggle with stains, you can wipe them with a solution of bleach and water (1: 5), vinegar or a mild baby shampoo.

There is a scratch on the heel that cannot be removed? Nothing is lost! We know what to do so that you don't have to say goodbye to your favorite shoes. Paint the scratch with white nail polish, wait for it to dry and enjoy a flawless look again!

As you can see, white sandals are the best choice for summer! They fit literally with everything and can be successfully worn every day and for evening outings. They are easy to maintain and perfectly reflect light, making the legs look phenomenal.