Which shoes go well with jeans? See our suggestions!

If jeans are your favorite piece of clothing, you like to use their versatility, and at the same time you like to play with fashion and change the style of styling depending on the occasion and mood, then this article is for you! You no longer have to wonder what shoes match your favorite jeans. Check out our suggestions!

A brief history of jeans

It's hard to believe that jeans were patented almost 150 years ago, and the person who initiated the fashion for denim pants was Levi Strauss. It was he, together with a partner, who designed a model that was originally aimed at the working class. It quickly turned out that people all over the world fell in love with this universal, functional and comfortable piece of clothing, thanks to which it quickly became the basis of most styles. Importantly, jeans are just as popular with the male and female part of society. We are convinced that there is no person who does not have at least one pair of denim pants in his wardrobe.

Regardless of the cut, color and cut - denim pants are a hit that has permanently entered our styling. Suitable for many occasions and for all body types, regardless of gender. The great advantage of denim is the ability to adapt them to a specific occasion. Accessories as well as footwear are key. Which shoes go well with jeans? See our proposals to look fashionable and stylish.

We choose shoes for jeans - which shoes for which model of denim trousers

Jeans are most often associated with sports shoes. Indeed, this type of footwear works great with denim pants, especially if your intention is to create everyday, casual styling. Sneakers, sneakers or sneakers are shoes that fit almost every cut of jeans, but they match best with jeans with straight legs and with jeans type boyfriend, which are distinguished by a looser style, slightly tapered leg, and often also with characteristic holes.

Which shoes to choose for tight-fitting jeans? Tight models have been extremely popular in recent years, but it is a cut that is not properly selected and can emphasize any shortcomings of the figure. The right style of the shoes will emphasize the legs, make them slimmer and visually lengthen them. In the case of tight jeans, they will work well ballerina and moccasins.

Jeans with wide legs, the so-called flare fit fit women's pumps, and booties on the post. As in the case of tight pants, the bell-type wide-leg pants are a demanding model that will not look the same on every figure. Other styling elements are also of great importance - a loose blouse in the boho style is the perfect company for bells and shoes with higher heels or wedges.

High-waisted trousers? This is probably one of the most interesting and universal styles because by choosing shoes for jeans with a high waist, we can choose a favorite model of footwear, and what's more - each of them will look just as good!

Jeans pins? Of course it is!

You wonder do the high heels match the jeans? Of course they fit, but just like in the case of other models of shoes, the high heels must also match the style of the pants.

Your favorite cut of trousers is popular skinny skinny pants? For pants that adhere tightly to the body, choose classic high heels that will perfectly emphasize your figure. In addition, the combination of high heels with tight jeans looks very feminine, and by pairing them with a well-cut jacket and a clutch bag, you will create an original outfit for a casual meeting with friends or a date with a loved one.

In addition to skinny pants, which are made for high heels, this type of shoe is also suitable for straight-leg pants. And if you are not afraid of fashion experiments and like to change your image, loose cuts like boyfriend or momjeans are also an interesting alternative to high heels. As you can see high heels for jeans is a great choice, so we encourage you to look for inspiration and have fun with fashion.

What jeans shoes for men?

Well-chosen jeans can adapt to any styling. Especially if they go well with the footwear. Thanks to clever combinations, they will prove themselves in everyday stylizations, in smart casual outfits, and even in elegant and classic combinations.

Gentlemen choose jeans most often sports shoessuch as trainers or immortal sneakers. These models allow you to feel at ease and comfortable, moreover, they fit almost all jeans models. However, jeans will also work well in slightly more elegant styles. Combining them with a shirt and type shoes oxfords or Chelsea boots, you can get a stylish look for a formal reception.

We are convinced that our proposals will make the question, what shoes go well with jeanswon't bother your head anymore. Jeans trousers are an extremely versatile piece of clothing, so it should definitely be in every wardrobe. Both male and female.