Which shoes go well with a summer dress? We advise!

The increase in temperature and long, sunny days mean that we are happy to exchange thick sweaters and jeans for airy, comfortable, summer dresses. Thanks to them, we can easily display the values ​​of our figure and enjoy the lightness and extraordinary comfort. What shoes should I choose for a summer dress? Check out our inspirations.

The color of shoes for a summer dress - a neutral shade or contrast

When choosing the color of your shoes, remember an important rule - you should not combine warm and cold colors.

Flesh colors, i.e. nude or beigethat are closest to your skin tone. Light shoes are perfect as an addition to mini and midi dresses, because their delicate appearance will not only perfectly match the styling, but also make your legs slender and optically longer

Another universal color that you can definitely wear for any occasion is color blackwhich will add style and elegance to even the most sophisticated and flashy stylizations. Black high heels or sandals will surely look beautiful when worn with a maxi or boho style dress.

If you are not afraid of risk and like non-obvious combinations, choose a contrast. Don't be afraid to combine bold colors such as red and green or yellow and indigo! However, you must remember that intense shades will not suit every styling, so it is certainly not a good idea when it comes to choosing everyday shoes.

Maximum convenience

If you value comfort, you are looking for a comfortable combination, suitable for long walks or a lazy afternoon spent outside, you can wear your favorite sneakers with your summer dress.

Sneakers for summer dresses is a trend that is gaining more and more fans. Sports shoes will create a comfortable look in a casual style, but can also break the applicable rules, creating a non-obvious combination with an elegant, romantic dress. Delicate, fabric sneakers are certainly an excellent choice, both for fitted and flared, long and short, as well as multi-colored dresses. In this case, you are only limited by your imagination!

They can also be an interesting combination sneakers. These fairly massive shoes on a significant height will work well with dresses with a loose, airy cut with frills. This combination will give extraordinary lightness and freshness. You can choose both light shades of shoes, but also slightly pastel shades that will easily match your styling.

Sandals for a summer dress

Sandals as well as classic ballerinas or espadrilles can be successfully matched with airy, summer dresses, both short and flared, as well as longer ones.

For maxi dresses, it is worth choosing romanes with a slightly higher sole. A long dress with a delicate slit will beautifully emphasize the interesting tying of your shoes.

It is also worth considering high-heeled sandals, which are perfect for everyday outings as well as more formal outings. High heels in combination with a summer dress will perfectly slim your figure and make your legs seem much longer. You can wear them both with floral models in the boho style, short and fitted mini, but also with long models, reaching the ground.

High heels for a summer dress

It is definitely the most classic form of footwear that will work with any styling. High heels are especially recommended for midi and ¾ dresses, which are the most demanding and problematic ones. This cut, wrongly matched to the figure or combined with inappropriate footwear, can visually significantly shorten the legs, making the silhouette look less favorable. The high heels perfectly balance the proportions and give the styling grace and lightness.

Cowboy boots for a summer dress? Of course!

Cowboy boots combined with a summer dress have become more and more popular in recent seasons. Massive footwear is interestingly complemented by floral, airy dresses with lots of frills. Shoes with a V-shaped upper will make your legs look slimmer.

The combination of a looser, delicate dress with highly accentuated and visible shoes is a proposal for people who love to stand out and are not afraid of the opinions of others. Such styling will certainly not go unnoticed!

Summer is a time of experiments, various patterns, intense colors and unusual combinations. Regardless of the occasion for which you are preparing your stylization, you should choose the right accessories that will help create a harmonious whole. Shoes are a particularly important accessory - they should not only be comfortable. A properly fitted model will certainly enrich your summer outfit and make you feel extremely confident! Our guide will certainly help you make the right decision.