Which shoes are the best for kindergarten?

The day when our child goes to kindergarten for the first time is a great event. We have been preparing the child for several months now - we conduct talks about games, friends and lunches. We also complete a preschool layette with appropriate shoes that our child will wear on their feet every day for several hours. We suggest which models will be the best for kindergarten.

Kindergarten shoes - safety comes first!

During preschool games with their peers, children often turn off the inhibitions they feel when they fool around with their parents. Because slippersthat your toddler will wear should be safe. What does it mean? Let's look for a model with a solid sole - the child will not slip even on a polished dance floor. It is also important that the toes of kindergarten shoes are built-up - during children's frolics, the toddler may inadvertently hit a hard object with his foot. A lot happens in the everyday life of a preschooler, so let's make sure that our child does not stand out from their peers and can quickly take off and put on their shoes. A large selection of such models can be found in the online store KeeShoes.pl.

Perfect slippers - easy to put on!

The preschooler must be independent - put on and take off shoes while playing and change shoes before going outside. We can make it easier for him to do these activities by choosing slippers convenient to put on. Velcro shoes have been number 1 among parents for several years. To put them on correctly, just slip your foot in and tighten the clasp. Remember that a toddler can quickly improve the Velcro if the shoes slide off while playing or are too tight, unfasten and take off in a few seconds slippersfor example, when his foot itches or crumbs of biscuits fall into his shoe. The health properties of slippers are just as important as the convenience of putting them on, and we should pay attention to them when choosing the perfect baby shoes for kindergarten.

The best slippers are healthy slippers

A little preschooler's foot is constantly growing and developing. Thanks to the higher upper, the shoes keep the leg in the correct position. Heels and a profiled insole inhibit the formation of flat feet, and a built-in heel and a stiff heel prevent heel deformation. Let's look for slippers for kindergarten, in which our child's feet will be well positioned. It is also important that the shoes are airy. We can take care of it by choosing models with a natural leather insole that absorbs sweat and a semicircular cut that guarantees better ventilation. We can find shoes for our kids on the store's website KeeShoes.pl. Make sure your toddler puts on fresh socks every day and changes them as soon as they come home.

What about fashion?

Slippers preschool shoes are shoes that we will replace often - the child will grow out of them, the material will get dirty or the shoes will be damaged as a result of playing. When choosing a new pair, let's take into account the child's expectations and taste. Let's look for fashionable slippers that a toddler will wear with pleasure every day. Many children react badly to going to kindergarten - a change of environment, a large group of peers, an unknown "aunt" - these factors can make a toddler feel worse. Let's make sure that the child has a favorite mascot, outfit and with him Slippersthat will give him the courage to break the ice in dealing with children and make first friendships