Which office shoes should you choose? Guide for a stylish businesswoman

Choosing shoes for the office can be quite a challenge. Long hours spent on your feet can be a pain, especially when the footwear is not properly fitted. Fortunately, a professional look can go hand in hand with comfort. We advise which shoes will work in the office.

Emanate with self-confidence and professionalism

Although appearance does not reflect a person, in the professional environment we are often perceived through his prism. The outfit and appropriately matched accessories not only reflect your style and character, but are also an important message for your management, colleagues and customers. They just show that you are taking your responsibilities professionally and should be taken seriously.

You will make an even better impression when you exude confidence. Choosing the right outfit will definitely help you in this. However, remember that a chic pencil skirt and a white shirt are not everything. Equally important is the choice of shoes for office work. We advise on what to look for and what mistakes to avoid.

Put convenience first

Mismatched shoes can do more harm than good. Foot pain and nagging blisters definitely constitute a significant obstacle in the performance of professional duties. Even if you spend most of your working day at your desk, you surely don't want to have an unprofessional grimace caused by pain in your feet. 

To prevent this from happening, put convenience first. Make sure your newly purchased pair of shoes fits snugly and the heel is not overly high. A great solution would be to spend a few days walking around freely for your new home office shoes. 

In addition to the need for work shoes to be comfortable, there are a few other aspects to consider, which we've covered in this article.

Consider the conditions under which you are working

When choosing office shoes, your daily routine is very important. Think about how you spend most of your day. Are you sitting quietly behind your desk, or maybe you are rushing the length and breadth of the office carrying important documents?

The first of these options is the least troublesome, and the choice of shoes is practically unlimited. Both flat and high boots will work well for sitting work. If your office work requires you to be more physically active, it is better to get shoes with flat soles or low heels. It is them that will enable you to move efficiently and perform tasks efficiently. Depending on the work environment, decide on ballerinas, loafers, loafers or ... branded sports shoes. Sporty elegance is in fashion lately!

Pay attention to the execution of the shoes

Make sure the office is restrictive dress code and follow the applicable rules. Regardless of them, pay special attention to the colors of your shoes. Office work shoes must not be overly flashy, shiny or overly colorful.

Choose models in subdued colors, and leave extravagant shoes for other, less formal circumstances. Neutral colors, such as classic black or mild beige, can be easily matched with most of the clothes you own. Thanks to this, you will avoid problems with the selection of styling for work. 

Minimalist shoes with flexible soles and stable, not very high heels, e.g. poles or wedges, are perfect for the office. Make sure that the material they are made of is durable and easy to maintain. Avoid shoes made of synthetic materials, where your feet may sweat excessively.

Get inspired!

Are you wondering which sandals for the office to choose? Depending on the specifics of your work, choose tasteful flat-soled sandals or a comfortable post. On colder days, opt for leather low-heeled bootsin which you will look stylish and at the same time feel comfortable. Convenience is also a good solution eco leather boots.

A classic, timeless choice, of course black high-heelsthat go with virtually anything. If you want to visually lengthen your legs and slim down your figure, go for suede models in shades of beige.

Are you looking for comfortable office shoes? Shoes with a flat sole will be the best solution. The choice in this regard is practically unlimited. Opt for the casual ones ballerinas or moccasinsor more elegant loafers. You will be able to successfully spend the whole day in them, even at top speed.

Look professional and feel comfortable

Remember that eight hours of stylish looks is certainly not worth the blistering and pain in your feet that you will have to deal with over the next days of work. Fortunately, you already know that by choosing comfortable shoes for the office, you can still look phenomenal and impress with professionalism. Additionally, you can use special inserts that will increase your comfort. Your feet and spine will surely be grateful to you! 

It's also a good idea to keep a spare pair of shoes in a locker at work. You never know when your boss will ask you to work overtime. After a long day of wearing high heels, your feet will experience incomparable relief when you change your shoes to comfortable ballerinas.