What summer shoes?

In summer, the wardrobe is filled with colorful, airy dresses and short shorts. As soon as the temperature rises, we replace the entire garment with a light and comfortable one. Many women, however, wonder what summer shoes to choose. It is important that they are airy and comfortable to wear, but also fashionable and made of appropriate materials. We come to the rescue and suggest what summer shoes to choose this season!

Practical summer shoes

When choosing shoes for the summer, it's best to choose those that will be as practical as possible. Summer shoes should, above all, be comfortable during all activities. When the outside temperatures rise, we leave the house more, move and walk a lot more. Therefore, we must not allow our shoes to scratch us or make our feet swell.

Also for this reason it is important that they are made of good quality material. In this case, shoes made of appropriate materials will be the best - leather, suede, canvas or breathable mesh. It is also worth paying attention to the tailored cut - flat shoes are the best for everyday use, and for important events, such as weddings, the right choice will be stable shoes on a post or wedge heels.  

The most important rules when choosing shoes for the summer are:

  • the material from which they are made - it is best if the shoes are made of natural leather. However, e.g. in the case of a model such as women's espadrillesmaterial materials that are comfortable, adapt to the shape of the foot and allow air to pass through will also work;
  • size - if we hesitate which one to choose, it is better to choose the bigger one. In summer, the foot may slightly swell due to activity and temperature, so looser footwear will provide us with greater comfort;
  • sole - depending on your preferences, we can choose a different type of sole - flat, on a post or wedge heel. Remember, however, that long summer walks in very high shoes can be very difficult, especially on sand or grass, on which we like to relax during the holidays.

Ballerinas - a universal choice for the summer

Women's ballerinase is one of the most-chosen shoes in the summer. No wonder - they are very comfortable, have countless patterns and colors, and can be matched with both elegant and everyday styling. In summer, suede ballerinas, e.g. our universal one, will be perfect suede ballerinas Super Mode blackthat go with just about anything.

The ballerinas tied around the ankles are also a real hit this summer. Not only do they look very stylish, but they will certainly not slip off your feet, even when it is very hot. Check out models of ballerinas such as black ballerinas with a bow Acro or pink lace-up ballerinas with G-47 bows. They are not only girly and stylish, but also incredibly comfortable!

Summer slippers

Another shoes that return to favor in the summer are comfortable flip-flops women's. They are comfortable to wear and easy and quick to put on, which is why they are very popular among women. We can choose from numerous models - both flat and wedge heels, heels or posts. Regardless of which variant you choose, it is important that they fit the foot well and do not chafe.

This summer, flip-flops with a cork sole will be perfect, which will ensure incredible comfort and proper positioning of the foot. Perhaps you will like our model: Yellow Bona cork soleswhich, in addition to being very comfortable, also perfectly emphasizes the tan.

Transparent flip-flops are also an interesting solution. This is another hit this summer. They are very flexible, so they adapt to the foot and provide comfort throughout the day of wearing. They also cannot be denied their uniqueness and stylish appearance. An example of such a model will be black transparent slippers 815 or transparent slippers with buckles Ideal Shoes Brown.

Summer shoes - sandals

This choice is the most obvious. There is probably nothing more practical and comfortable in summer than a well-fitting one sandals women's. For more elegant outings, sandals on a wedge heel or a post, and those on a flat sole, will be perfect for everyday use. In the case of sandals, it is important to choose the right size that will not hurt us or be too big. In a well-fitted model, we will look stylish and feel comfortable, regardless of the circumstances and the temperature outside.  

Sneakers for the summer

Women's sneakers is a very universal choice. They are perfect for sports stylizations, but nowadays it is fashionable to wear them even with elegant dresses. Undoubtedly, they are very comfortable and allow you to walk for long hours without fear of chafing. In summer, it is worth choosing sneakers made of airy material.

When choosing shoes for the summer, remember that your comfort is the most important. It is not worth bothering with shoes that are too high, too tight or inappropriately adjusted to the size of the foot. The most important thing is to feel at ease and light, especially at high temperatures. In our store, we offer a wide selection of summer shoes for women and we are sure that you will like many models. We invite you!