What shoes to wear with the shirt? We dispel doubts!

A shirt is a universal item of clothing that takes pride of place in the wardrobe of every woman and man. Thanks to its great versatility, it can be worn not only for elegant styling, but also every day. See for yourself whether the combination of a shirt with elegant shoes is the only right choice, or whether the choice of sports footwear is an equally good solution.

A shirt not only on holidays

Fashion comes and goes, while shirts stay. They have always reigned supreme on red carpets, occupying an honorable place in the wardrobe of many people. They are adored by both women and men.

No wonder! Shirts are so universal that you can wear them not only on holidays. They are an inseparable element of styling for larger occasions, they are perfect for the office, and are also great for less formal occasions. You can successfully wear them on going out with friends, on a date, walking around the city, and even put on a beach costume. The shirt is just that must-have in the wardrobe of every person, regardless of gender.

Many people feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer versatility of a shirt, wondering what shoes to wear to look attractive and stylish. If you are looking for ready-made solutions, you've come to the right place. We dispel doubts about what shoes to wear with the shirt.

What shoes to wear with the shirt?

The shirt is so versatile that it perfectly harmonizes with both sneakers and elegant shoes. However, the choice of shirt shoes depends on the circumstances. 

When an outfit is intended to be formal, there are certain rules that should not be broken. Then, women usually decide on classic high heels, pumps or ballerinas, and men on leather or suede shoes.

If, on the other hand, you are going to a casual event, e.g. a meeting with friends, you can play with fashion and take your favorite comfortable sports shoes out of the wardrobe. For a walk, you can casually throw a shirt over a T-shirt with a funny print, pairing it with nonchalant jeans and comfortable sneakers. However, keep in mind that this solution will not work for the office or for graduation at school.

Shirt shoes for her

A shirt is an indispensable element of each business-woman. A shirt in combination with a suit, women's trousers or a pencil skirt above the knee looks very professional. To complete this outfit, it is worth reaching for shoes with a high heel or heel. An alternative choice will be equally elegant, but less obliging loafers or ballerinas.

However, the shirt in the version for the fair sex does not have to be limited only to formal occasions. The oversize shirt is the latest fashion statement. Bosco looks great in combination with leather pants, straight-leg jeans or tight leggings.

Choosing shoes for such styling is very simple. Since you've decided to focus on comfort, stay in mind and choose comfortable, short sneakers or neutral-colored sneakers. If you want to look a bit more elegant, choose sandals on a post. Don't forget your color-matched purse and your favorite jewelry.

On colder days, the shirt will go well with knee-high boots and a short skirt. A perfect solution will also be a combination of a white shirt with light jeans and brown suede ankle boots. This boho style outfit will perfectly complement an earthy hat.

Shirt shoes for him

Are you going for a party in the garden? Sports shoes are a great choice for a fabric suit in an informal style. Choose from a light gray 7/8 tapered down trousers, a white shirt and a narrow jacket with a single button fastening. You can complement this look with white sneakers. Don't forget about stylish sunglasses that will give you nonchalance.

Sneakers are perfect for a casual date or meeting with friends. If you're into a rocky look, go for dark distressed jeans and a plaid shirt. You can put it on a T-shirt with an original print. Additionally looku A leather biker jacket and a baseball cap fit perfectly. 

Your in-laws invited you to a barbecue in the garden? The shirt will make you look perfect and show them respect. On a hot day, opt for linen in which you will not sweat. Match it with fabric shorts that end just above the knee height. This outfit is compatible with both sports shoes and suede loafers in a color matching the belt. However, remember to hide your socks. Low feet designed for this type of footwear will work great.

For formal occasions, the choice is very easy. A shirt as an icing on the cake next to a suit requires an appropriate frame in the form of classic shoes. If you want to look very elegant, black footwear will be a bull's eye. Brown, cherry or graphite shoes will look great.

As you can see, the number of possibilities is practically endless. Choose the one that best reflects your character and suits the circumstances.