What shoes for a spring wedding?

Increasing days, higher temperatures and strong shining sun make spring is the eagerly chosen season for weddings. From mid-March to June, the weather pattern varies greatly, which is why there are doubts about which shoes to wear in spring. So we decided to prepare a handful of inspiration that will help you make a decision. We advise you on what shoes for a spring wedding will work for ladies and gentlemen!

Adjust spring wedding shoes to the weather

Although this hint sounds very obviously, it is often ignored. Nevertheless, even old Polish proverbs say "in March like a pot" or "April plait because it interlaces, a bit of winter, a bit of summer". So you can expect different weather conditions. Sometimes at the end of March lawns are covered with a layer of snow, and other times, at the beginning of April, we mature in the garden and arrange the first barbecue. It is therefore worth checking the long-term weather forecasts. However, this is not always effective enough. What is the answer? Get ready for any eventuality. Thus, we recommend that you have at least two pairs of shoes up your sleeve.

  • Cold, early spring - when the weather outside is more like winter than the dream spring, and the thermometers indicate a temperature of about 10 degrees and less, it is worth focusing on functionality. Do not risk and instead of uncovered footwear, put on a solid protection of your feet. If there are frosts, you will not only be cold, but you will not, for example, slip due to the adapted sole. We recommend women choose high heels or very fashionable boots with a high uppers. Gentlemen can decide on elastic-sides or shoes.
  • Warm, pleasant harbingers of summer - when the spring is already full, the temperature reaches a ceiling above 15 degrees, and the sun shines more and more intensely, you can successfully choose spring wedding shoes in a more casual, outdoor version. Ladies who like heels are recommended shuttlesand those preferring the flat variant - ballerinas. Gentlemen can again choose shoes that work all year round and are a timeless classic or if they prefer a looser smart-casual style, very fashionable trainers.
  • The hot turn of spring and summer - when the calendar page scrolls to June, we think more about the end of spring as about summer. This is indicated by temperatures, creations on the streets, but also moods. So let's opt for light, breathable footwear that will guarantee great ventilation. Ladies recommend sandals - available in flat variants, high heels, posts or wedges. For men they will be great moccasins, which lead several seasons of the spring wedding shoe selection.

What shoes for a wedding in the spring - put on comfort!

A wedding is usually an event that lasts half a day and all night. The celebrations start around 2pm and last until dawn. We are aware that every guest wants to look stylish and phenomenal, but we encourage you to look and feel together. Ladies and gentlemen, we recommend choosing stable footwear, matching the size. There can be no question of oppression, rubbing or problems with maintaining balance. You need to choose shoes to your needs and preferences - if you have a wide foot, better put on shoes with a round toe that will not squeeze your toes, and if you have a very slim, lacing will allow you to adjust the footwear to the shape of your foot.

An important tip for women seeking answers to what spring wedding shoes to choose is that the heel is adapted to the experience. Although this sounds abstract, we assure you that it is extremely important. If you spend several hours a day on high heels because they are part of your dress code or at least several times a month you go out for several hours of meetings in this type of shoes, you can successfully choose a 8 cm high heel and more. As long as it is a stable shoe, you can handle it, because the foot is adapted to such circumstances. They will work, e.g. pink pumps on a holographic pin or orange transparent pins. However, if you put on high heels occasionally, and at the same time you do not mention this experience best, we recommend choosing the lower variant on a very stable heel - e.g. a post or wedges. An example of this type of shoes are Renda black pumps with flat heels or red pumps with VINCEZA bow.

Comfort is also undoubtedly reflected in the adaptation of shoes to your preferred style. So if you do not feel comfortable in a given shoe, and your domain is sports style, do not force yourself to wear elegant, stylish shoes. This applies to both ladies and gentlemen. We encourage you to play with fashion and break the elegance with more casual or sport shoes. Gentlemen may like it, e.g. black classic men's sneakers XN35 or black sailor loafersand ladies gray silver wedge sneakers.

We hope that thanks to our tips you already know what shoes for a wedding in spring is worth choosing. Be guided above all by your sense of aesthetics and comfort. Check out our store's offer, choose a model of shoes that meets your needs and dance in them all night! Successful shopping!