We choose universal shoes to take on a business trip

A trip to a business trip requires packing appropriate clothes and accessories. On the spot, we must elegantly present during official meetings and during free time, which will surely be carefully planned by the organizer. This means that in a well packed suitcase must be formal sets and casual outfits. We suggest what women's and men's shoes to choose for a business trip, to feel comfortable and look great.

Classic pumps - must have on a business trip

During business meetings, formal footwear is obligatory - in the case of women it will be shuttles. Let's choose the model on the heel only if we have mastered the walking with heels and we will last several hours in the shoes. We should remember that an important element of the meeting may be, for example, visiting a company or a production hall. Shuttles will help us to get ready also during a business dinner. If we feel better in the lower shoes, the pair on the 3-4-centimeter heel will be a hit! We will order beautiful women's shoes with delivery to the house from ButyModne.pl. Traditional pumps in black in the summer can be replaced by a pair in a nude shade similar to the color of tights. Such a color treatment is a great way to give lightness to our outfits and optically extend your figure.

Leather oxfords, ballerinas and Jodhpur boots - be fashionable in casual style

If we like the masculine style of clothing, and take a beloved suit on a business trip, choose a leather oxford for it. This type of footwear is so versatile that we can also wear it with a dress or cotton chinos - perfectly suited as an element of casual style. Let's choose them if we have a very limited luggage. What other models will work during additional activities on the go? In the spring and summer they will be irreplaceable leather ballerinas. Let's put on shoes in a pastel color sewn with leather, with a nice finish. If we are going away in cooler months, the best choice will be Jodhpur boots - cognac or classic, black. These shoes will look great in the company of a skirt and trousers.

Which men's shoes will work during a business trip?

Men also have to take appropriate clothes and accessories in the delegation. For meetings and presentations, a sports jacket and elegant trousers will be sufficient. Choose a derby for them - elegant semi-formal shoes. Made of soft leather in a shade of warm brown they will look great on your feet. You should choose your model on the ButyMode.pl website. For an official business dinner or meetings that take place in the evening, the organizer may need to wear a suit. Carefully read the invitation and requirements or ask directly about the style that is valid during the trip. Remember that we can also put a debry on a suit. If, however, we are waiting for official dinners and we come across a company that values ​​men's elegance, the best choice will be the classic, sewn with attention to detail oxford. Oxfords are too classic? Let's choose as a stylish replacement for minimalist fliers that look good every day and during more formal occasions. What shoes will be the best during sightseeing and business trips? The best footwear, which looks good on the foot, will work best. Depending on the industry in which we work, classic sneakers may be a great choice - footwear is won by corporations and enjoys unflagging recognition among young people. Let's put on sports shoes that can be combined with a shirt, a sports jacket and jeans or chinos with a slim-fit cut. Sport shoes are a great base for a modern and fashionable man, middle-aged men can also wear them if they want to refresh their image.

A business trip requires a proper outfit in which we can meet many challenges. Dressing room must be well thought out, and its planning is best to start by choosing the right footwear that matches the label and expectations of the organizer.