We choose the perfect shoes for hiking in the mountains

Shoes for hiking in the mountains must meet several important requirements. First, they should be stable and provide the feet with adequate support. Secondly, they must be very comfortable to allow you to comfortably walk up the slopes. Apart from functionality, they should just look good. We advise you on what to look for when choosing winter shoes for hiking in the mountains.

Stick to a few rules and get tops

Anyone who is just starting their adventure with mountain hiking may be surprised by the huge variety of trappers. You certainly know that walking in the mountains requires solid footwear. However, if you are wondering what exactly you should pay attention to when going on winter excursions, you've come to the right place.

If you don't want anything to stop you from reaching the peaks, make sure you get the right pair of shoes for winter activities in more difficult conditions. We advise what aspects are the most important.

First, functionality

First of all, winter mountain boots must be functional. They should provide adequate support for the foot to avoid sprains and fractures. Pay attention to the height of the trappers' upper. The higher the shoes end, the better your ankle support. Moreover, it prevents snow from getting inside the shoe. Remember that your shoes should reach at least the leg ends for full protection.

The sole of the shoe is equally important. It must be stable enough to prevent slipping when walking in the mountains. Deep tabs will provide additional grip regardless of the unevenness of the terrain, and the appropriate material will prevent water from getting inside the shoe. 

In winter, it is very important to keep your feet warm. Warm, insulated lining made of natural materials, such as wool, will keep you warm even at extremely low temperatures and - importantly - prevent unpleasant odors. An additional welt will protect your feet from the cold. 

Mountain snow boots should also be waterproof. Thanks to this, you will avoid getting your feet wet, and thus - colds. Also pay attention to the additional reinforcement of the seams against moisture.

Second, convenience

Under no circumstances should you buy shoes that are too small for hiking in the mountains. Not only will they cause blisters and corns, but they will also prevent you from putting on an extra pair of socks at low temperatures. In turn, hiking boots that are too large pose a risk of slipping, which is definitely not needed in unfavorable winter weather. Adjust the winter boots so that you can easily slip your index finger around the heel. 

Also pay attention to the way you put your shoes on. There are slip-on, lace-up and Velcro fasteners available. Although the first one is much faster to put on, the second one fits the ankle better, which is undoubtedly a significant advantage over slip-on shoes. Also, make sure your hiking shoes are properly laced so that no snow can seep inside. If you are looking for the golden mean, go for Velcro-fastened shoes. You can easily adjust the clasp to the width of your foot, and putting them on will not be particularly time-consuming.

Remember that hiking boots are generally heavier than classic footwear. Too heavy, massive hiking boots will make the walk a real challenge for you.

Before hiking in the mountains, make sure your new pair of trappers is comfortable and non-chafing. Wear them for about an hour around the house before deciding to show them to the world. Thanks to this, the trip in the mountains will certainly be successful and satisfying.

Third, style

Although your hiking shoes should be solid, durable and properly designed, their appearance is not insignificant. You certainly want to look good while walking in the snowy mountains or going to the slopes.

Pay attention to the color and material of the mountain snow boots. What about glistening white snow boots with a specially profiled tread to prevent falls? Or maybe you prefer branded, warm boots with fur? If you want to follow trends even in the mountains, you will surely like them women's beige hiking boots with ties

You can see for yourself, the choice of shoes for walking on snow is practically endless. You will surely find something that will reflect your unique style and character.

What else should you pay attention to when going for a winter walk in the mountains?

Now that you know which hiking shoes to choose, remember to prepare them for the road before you use them for the first time. Use special impregnations dedicated to the material from which your hiking boots are made. Thanks to the regular impregnation of mountain snow boots, the boots will serve you for many years, and you will enjoy a stylish look and dry feet regardless of the conditions. 

However, remember that no hiking shoes can guarantee that you will not slip on icy terrain. For extreme expeditions, get crampons or anti-skid pads. As a result, you will get even better grip and take care of your safety. 

We are sure that by following our advice, you will keep your feet warm, dry and stable, and that even the snowiest mountains will not be an insurmountable obstacle for you.