We choose the first baby shoes

Choosing the first shoes for a child can become a real challenge for parents. Many orthopedists recommend that the feet of a toddler who is ready to take their first steps should be dressed in properly fitting shoes. Parents often have doubts and wonder what footwear to choose so that the toddler learns to walk properly. We advise which first shoes for a child will be the best.

The first steps in the apartment

Taking your first steps on your home floor is a very good exercise. If the baby's foot is bare at the same time, the baby has the opportunity to feel the texture of the ground and get used to changing temperatures. It's also a good way to harden your soles. The baby's skin is very delicate in this place, and contact with the floor will make it a bit thicker. Learning to walk at home is also a lesson in mindfulness for parents. However, in a safe environment, the upright position should be flawless. The situation is slightly different when the baby starts walking during walks.

Walking outdoors - excellent learning to walk

Letting your toddler get out of the stroller and walk on his own is great learning to walk. A child who is already moving independently can be taken for a walk around the block. It is important that the parent is close and holds the baby's hand. However, such lessons require appropriate shoes. Safety and hygiene considerations should come first. Even the thickest socks will not provide proper insulation against unknown ground. What should the first shoes for a baby be like?

What features should baby shoes have?

Parents must pay attention to several features of the footwear when choosing the best pair for their child. Shoes should be light so that the child learns to put the feet correctly. Remember that the first steps are a big challenge for a toddler, so he must be comfortable while learning to walk. It is important that the shoes have a flexible sole that supports learning to walk. In a well-profiled pair, the bend point is 1/3 of the bottom length. The selected pair should be soft and quite wide at the tip. This space is essential for widely spread baby fingers. We should also pay attention to whether the shoes are airy. No toddler will enjoy walking with wet and cold feet. Let's look for shoes made of natural leather or high-quality textile materials. What else is worth considering when choosing baby shoes?

Proper support for the foot

Until a few years ago, the most recommended were high, stiff shoes that were supposed to stabilize the child's foot and protect the ankle while learning to walk. It turns out that the mobility of the ankle and the support on the inside of the foot are of great importance when taking the first steps. The most important thing is that the shoes fit snugly around the tarsus. What's more, the first pair should have an elastic heel counter (or tab) that fits snugly against the child's heel. The element should be flexible enough not to restrict the child's movements. An important feature is also elasticity - a properly flexible shoe supports the correct positioning of the foot. It is also important that the baby's booties are not too tall. Models below the ankle will work well. If we choose hiking boots, we should look for models with a soft and flexible upper. Fashionable and comfortable children's shoes can be found in the KeeShoes online store.

The first booties for a child should fit snugly around the foot, but not restrict movement. It is important that they are soft, light and airy. A toddler who feels comfortable, will take the first steps faster and more willingly.