We choose the best shoes for a woman's suit

Coco Chanel and Greta Garbo, when they borrowed suits from the men's wardrobe, knew what they were doing. Ladies look great in trousers with a crease and jackets. This set is a comfortable uniform that can be freely styled. It is perfect for official events and social gatherings. We advise which shoes fit best with a woman's suit.

High heels - shoes perfect for a suit

High heels are the most classic elegant women's shoeswhich goes well with a suit. A high heel lengthens the legs and makes the whole outfit look stylish. Black heels for a black suit and a white shirt is the most traditional combination. Suitable for a business conference and red carpet walkway. However, it is worth playing with fashion and experimenting with colors - classic, dark pants can be revived if we put on shoes in an intense shade. It is fashionable to combine gray with cobalt or silver, or brown with orange or gold. We can also brighten up the traditional, monochrome suit with shoes with extravagant print. The perfect high heels can be found in the KeeShoes online store. An interesting option for high heels will be sandals on a thin post. The exposed toes and nails painted with intense color varnish look very intriguing. What kind of footwear with crease and jackets should we choose if we are lovers of flat soles?

Masculine chic - suit and shoes with a masculine cut

A suit is a true classic in a men's wardrobe. That is why ladies who feel good in it can also reach for men's shoes to create timeless stylizations. Women's oxford shoes and creased pants are a twist on the classic. You can clearly see inspirations in men's fashion. However, each element has a feminine touch, so it is an attractive combination. The set will gain a sporty character if we replace a traditional shirt with a collar with a T-shirt or a blouse with a V-neckline. Lovers of casual style can also wear sports shoes with their suits. 

A women's suit in a sporty version

A women's suit fits perfectly with a casual, urban style. All we have to do is select accessories - we will replace the women's handbag with a sports backpack, kidney or bag, and elegant shoes - with sneakers. Colorful or bright suits look great in this version. Models made of linen or knitted fabrics also look very good. Do you want the whole styling to gain lightness? Roll up your jacket sleeves and put on a sports watch on your wrist. The combination of a suit in shades of white or sand beige with neon shoes is the quintessence of modern fashion that will surely attract attention. The fashionable street shows that classic-cut women's suits can also be worn with white sneakers. Such a set looks great and brings to mind spring months in a large urban agglomeration. You can choose great pairs with a suit at the KeeShoes online store.

A women's suit is a timeless garment. Ladies with different body types look great in it. The secret to creating an interesting styling with a jacket and crease pants lies in choosing the right footwear and accessories. A classic suit in the hands of a fashion lover can become an interesting outfit with a sporty character or an evening outfit worth remembering.