We choose stylish men's sandals for the summer

When the heat is pouring down from the sky and the city is covered with a glow of hot air, walking in covered shoes is a real ordeal. Fashion canons have long changed and sandals have become an important element of urban styling. The gentlemen from the Mediterranean countries have a great influence on summer trends. The men there have mastered the creation of comfortable and fashionable styles. We suggest what sandals an elegant man can wear.

Elegant men's slippers

Thinking about men's flip-flops, do you see navy blue rubber boots in front of your eyes? Be sure to change your point of view! Slippers are now one of the most fashionable men's summer shoes. Models made of high-quality leather are airy and comfortable to wear. You can choose between traditional slip-ons and flip-flops. Slippers look good as an addition to a holiday outfit. You can wear them with shorts and long linen trousers. Do you spend the summer in the city? Wear your flip-flops for dinner with friends or for a trip to the cinema. Remember two rules - first: no socks, and second: to wear flip-flops, you must have well-groomed heels.

Sandals for summer in the city

Leather sandals are the most classic men's summer footwear. They work well in hot weather - they ensure adequate air circulation. There is a reason why they are considered one of the most comfortable shoes for the warm months. Models made of high-quality materials look good on the foot. They fit loose sets and slightly more formal styles. You can wear sandals with long white and beige pants. Complete with a linen shirt and straw hat, you will look stylish. Choose them for walks around the city, going to the movies, a date or a barbecue with your friends. Gladiator boots are also becoming more and more popular - models consisting of thin, leather straps that are quite tightly woven together. These are definitely fashionable shoes in which the cut is clearly inspired by women's fashion. If you work in the IT or creative industry, you will probably be able to wear open shoes to work as well. Pack your sandals also for a holiday trip. They will be useful when visiting towns and walking along the promenade. Their additional advantage? You can take them off at any time and go for a stroll along the shore of the sea or ocean. You can find carefully crafted men's sandals in the KeeShoes online store. If you prefer a bit more survival atmosphere, choose sports models.

The best trekking sandals

Sports sandals are primarily designed to hold the foot well. These are footwear that is worth wearing while walking or playing badminton. They are also perfect for driving a car and kayaking. They have adjustable straps, sturdy insoles, and abrasion-resistant rubber soles. Their cut is immediately associated with summer trips. If you are one of the men who feel best in military trousers or trekking shorts, this model will be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Men's sandals are comfortable summer footwear. If you want to create original, urban stylizations, choose models made of high-quality leather. You can choose between flip-flops, classic or gladiator sandals. Fans of sports and trekking outfits can wear sports models with solid straps and strong Velcro in summer.