We choose skateboarding shoes

Skateboarding is your passion? If you've been doing it for a short time, maybe you haven't got the right shoes yet. Check which aspects are worth paying attention to when buying board shoes so that they serve you as long as possible, and doing tricks in them was a piece of cake for you!

Find out the answers to frequently asked questions

If you are going to start skateboarding, in addition to a properly profiled deck, trucks, wheels, bearings and mounts, be sure to get some board shoes. If you have doubts about why it is worth spending money on them, or you are wondering which material to choose and what else to consider, you are in the right place. 

Thinking about you, we have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions about skateboarding shoes. Familiarize yourself with them before buying your first (or next pair) and you won't regret it!

Why should you buy skateboard shoes?

Wondering why it's worth buying skateboard shoes? It's easy! Such footwear will significantly increase your grip on the countertop, while reducing the sensation of shocks.

What's more, it will provide you with adequate support while doing tricks, and at the same time - thanks to a specially designed construction - it will serve you for longer and will not wear out as quickly as classic sneakers or sneakers.

When investing in skateboard shoes, don't forget to buy specially profiled insoles for these shoes. Thanks to this, your joints will be provided with additional protection, and your ankles, knees and feet will gain incomparable cushioning.

Which material will work best? Get to know the pros and cons

When choosing board shoes, it is worth paying special attention to the material from which they are made. You certainly don't want your shoes to fall apart as soon as you make a few tricks.

If you are looking for something strong, durable and extremely durable, perhaps it will catch your attention natural leather. Remember, however, that despite many advantages, this material is very stiff, which can make it difficult to do tricks.

Suede is another material used in the production of skateboard shoes. It is thin, airy, resistant to abrasion and definitely very stylish. However, suede can retain moisture inside the shoe, which will make your feet sweat profusely. 

Skateboard shoes can also be made of canvases. This fabric is light and airy. However, if you decide on classic sneakers, be aware that they will not be very durable and holes and abrasions will quickly appear on them.

What to consider when buying board shoes?

In addition to the material, there are several aspects to consider when looking for the perfect skateboard shoes. We have discussed the most important of them. 


If you do not take care of the proper grip to the ground, you will certainly have many uncontrollable falls that could easily have been prevented. For a perfect grip on the board, and at the same time to have more control over the board, put on shoes with rubber soles. 

Heel and toe protection

The heel and toe areas are the most abrasion-prone areas for skateboarding shoes. If you want to eliminate this problem, and at the same time feel more comfortable when doing tricks, opt for shoes with extra protection in these places. 


An equally important aspect is maximum comfort. Certainly, no skater can imagine performing more or less complex ones tricks in uncomfortable shoes. Avoid both tight and loose shoes. Bet on the maximum fit to get maximum fun from skating. 


Choosing shoes for skateboarding, also pay attention to the style. However, do not aim for the most expensive models, because skateboarding promotes damage. As a result, the need to replace shoes with new ones may be much more frequent than with the shoes you wear every day.

What shoes to choose for skateboarding?

The choice of skateboarding shoes is really wide. You're wondering between slip-ons slip onboots, ankle boots or shorter sneakers? We explain the most important differences! 

type shoes slip-on they are so light and thin that you will easily feel the countertop under your feet, making it easier to control it. What's more, they're extremely quick to put on, so they're perfect for skaters who take an extra pair of shoes with them to the park. 

Ankle boots is another popular option among skaters. While this type of footwear will give you maximum mobility, it can cause more serious injury in the event of a fall. After all, your ankles will not be protected in any way!

Ankle boots unlike shorter sneakers, they will protect your ankles when you lose your balance. Due to the specific construction, however, they may seem more rigid, which makes maneuvering in them noticeably difficult. 

As you can see, there is no single right solution and golden mean. For this reason, it is worth trying on different models and checking which one will be the most comfortable for you. Aside from personal preference, consider the budget you're willing to spend on skate shoes.