We choose shoes for the carnival. Get inspired!

The carnival is in full swing and you are still wondering which shoes to wear for a more or less boisterous party? You are in the perfect place! With you in mind, we have prepared the most interesting footwear proposals, to which we have selected brilliant stylizations. Get inspired!

Carnival party without worries

Carnival fun is fast approaching? Instead of worrying about what to wear, check out our guide. Even if you are not planning to visit Rio de Janeiro or New Orleans, you can still create an unforgettable carnival atmosphere and have fun like at the loudest parties!

Wondering which shoes will work best? You are in the right place! We will be happy to help you make the right choice so that you don't have to worry about it.

Take care of the perfect fit

Are you going to a fancy dress carnival party? Or maybe you are planning a grand ball in an exquisite restaurant? Or do you rather bet on a house party with your loved ones? Depending on the style of the party, make sure that your shoes perfectly match the occasion. 

Bet on original colors and surprising designs or make a completely opposite choice and opt for classic cuts. Remember that if you feel uncomfortable in a particular pair of shoes, plans for a successful party can quickly be ruined.

For this reason, make sure that the shoes fit your feet perfectly. Under no circumstances should you decide to squeeze in shoes that are too small in the hope that after a few dance songs the shoes will come apart and will not be tight. Also watch out for shoes that are too big, which, contrary to appearances, can cause painful abrasions. Also, beware of sky-high heels if you can't move freely in them.

Bet on glitter

Carnival parties are not held every day. For this reason, for such an event, you can successfully choose shoes that you don't wear every day. 

How about shimmering glitter? It is extremely fashionable this season! Here are some suggestions that will steal the hearts of every lover bling-bling:


Combine glittery shoes with shiny satin and glamorous accessories. In this way, you will get a phenomenal stylization that will be perfect for a carnival ball.

If you are going to a less lavish party, glitter shoes will also be a hit. Pair them with a little black dress or a women's suit for a WOW effect. Shiny footwear will make you never look boring!

Colorful dizziness

Carnival is definitely a festival of colors. A rich palette of colors will perfectly emphasize the boisterous character of each party! Don't limit yourself to colorful dresses or skirts. Choose footwear that will perfectly complement even a subdued stylization and give it a claw. You will love these models:

Intense shades - violet, red, fuchsia or green - will work especially well. Basically there are no limits. If you want to make sure you look good, choose a color that works well with your skin tone. Do not be afraid to combine different colors, but in order not to overdo it, stick to the rule of three colors.

Classic always included

If you do not want to invest in extravagant footwear for one occasion, classic, timeless solutions will be a hit for you. After all, such shoes will work not only for the carnival, but also for other parties, such as weddings, christenings or round birthdays. You can also wear them on dates and even to the office. We have collected several suggestions for timeless models of shoes. 

Classic black or timeless beige? The choice is yours! You can easily match both of these colors of shoes to your party outfits. If you take care of maintaining an uninterrupted, vertical line, you will also visually lengthen your legs.

How to achieve it? All you have to do is match the color of the tights to the shade of the shoes. We have devoted a separate article to this topic, which you will find here. In short: choose beige for nudes and black for black. The effect of legs to the sky guaranteed! See how simple it is?

Have fun until dawn!

As you can see, choosing shoes for a carnival party is child's play. Don't be afraid to play with fashion and express yourself through styling for this special time. Be creative and boldly choose between your favorite colors and non-obvious design. Also, take care of your comfort and follow our advice. In this way, you will surely have fun until dawn!

Psst! If you have decided on spectacular high heels, then for maximum comfort, make sure you have a second pair of shoes with a flat sole. Thanks to this, you can change your shoes to more comfortable ones in the blink of an eye, and your feet will breathe a sigh of relief.