We advise what shoes to choose for a walk in the forest

The forest is enchanting all year round. Close contact with nature, fresh air and the soothing green of trees are just some of the aspects that make us so eagerly walking in the forest. Choosing this place, it is worth paying attention to properly selected footwear. We advise which shoes will work for the forest and which models should be avoided.

Prepare yourself accordingly

Although a walk in the forest does not require any special preparations, it is worth paying attention to several aspects that will make it comfortable. Remember about comfortable clothes, head cover and an effective preparation against ticks and insects. 

Also, pay special attention to the appropriate selection of shoes. It is them that will provide you with comfort and safety while walking in the forest. Assess the area where you plan to walk and take weather conditions into account. We advise which shoes will work best.

Match the shoes to the terrain

Are you going for a simple walk in the woods? Opt for lightweight multifunctional shoes like sneakers or sneakers. However, remember that the more uneven the terrain, the harder the sole should be. With this in mind, when choosing shoes for the forest, you will certainly take care of your comfort and safety. 

If you want to provide your feet with more comfort and protection against unfavorable weather conditions, hiking shoes will be a better choice. It is an undisputed compromise between lightweight footwear and heavier trekking boots. Compared to multifunctional footwear, hiking boots are distinguished by a more solid, harder sole and better lateral support. Thanks to this, you will avoid twisting the ankle even on uneven ground.

Trekking shoes will be the best choice for walks in difficult terrain. Thanks to a special, stiffer structure, they will provide you with adequate adhesion to the ground and maximum protection against potential falls and injuries.

You can choose the color ...

Forest shoes are available in a variety of colors. Choose the one that best reflects your unique style. Also pay special attention to the material from which they were made. Leather and breathable synthetic materials are definitely our favorites. They will pass the exam in both good and bad weather, and your feet will not sweat excessively in them.

If you want, go for shoes with a waterproof membrane. Thanks to it, your feet will remain dry, even if you are caught in heavy rain, and your favorite forest shoes will serve you for many years.

On cold days, boots with winter insoles will be perfect for keeping your feet warm even at the lowest temperatures. Bet on those made of natural materials, which will additionally prevent unpleasant odors.

In summer, shoes with a high degree of ventilation will be the bull's eye. In such shoes, even the hottest heat will not be a problem for you! If it's really hot, choose sandals with thick soles that will provide you with stability and adhesion to the ground. We especially recommend models with Velcro straps, thanks to which you can perfectly match the shoes to the foot.

Convenience above all!

Although the choice of shoes for the forest is practically unlimited, put comfort first. You certainly don't want to develop painful blisters after your walk. To prevent this from happening, pay attention to properly fitting the size of your shoes. Both oversized and too small shoes will rub your heels, causing corns to form. 

Choose the right size and lace up the shoes properly to fit your feet perfectly. Remember to leave a little space for the fingers. This space should be approximately the width of your thumb.

In addition to the proper adjustment of the shoes to the forest in the area of ​​the toes, pay attention to the support of the heel and ankles. This way you will prevent possible falls and injuries.

Avoid these models

Open-toed shoes are the last resort if you are going for a walk in the woods. In particular, beware of flip-flops and flip-flops in which you can easily sprain your ankle or break your toe by stumbling over a cut trunk.

Ballerinas or loafers on a thin sole will also not be a good idea. In such shoes, you will feel every unevenness, and a walk in the forest will lose its charm.

Be careful with white and light colored shoes. Such shoes get dirty much faster and are more difficult to maintain. If you want your forest shoes to serve you for many years, remember about regular care. After each walk in the forest, remove the dirt with a damp cloth or a special shoe brush. Remember that the dirt left behind dries the material, which may cause unsightly cracks to appear on the footwear.

As you can see, the choice of footwear for the forest is not particularly complicated. Well-fitted shoes will provide you with stable support and excellent adhesion to the ground. Thanks to a properly hard sole, they will protect you from foot pain and make a walk in the forest a pure pleasure. Remember to put a new pair of shoes on before your first hike in the woods. This way you will prevent chafing and blisters, and you will feel amazing comfort during the hike.