We advise how to stretch leather shoes

Leather shoes fit virtually any occasion and provide a stylish, professional look. For this reason, they deserve a special place in your wardrobe. It is a pity, however, that they would never see the light of day, because you feel that they are gently pressing your toes or heels, causing unpleasant discomfort. We advise how to effectively stretch leather shoes.

A must-have regardless of gender

Leather shoes include must-have regardless of gender. You can wear them both with a dress and a suit, regardless of the occasion. In everyone's wardrobe there is certainly at least one pair of great-looking leather shoes that are a bit too tight, so they practically never saw the light of day. Cheer up, it's not too late to bring them back to life. Find out how to effectively stretch leather shoes with minimal effort.

Natural material, natural methods

Fortunately, leather is a natural material that can be easily stretched using natural methods that are completely free.

The simplest of them is the traditional wearing of shoes. All you need is a pair of tight leather shoes and a little patience. Just put them on your feet and take a walk around the house for at least half an hour every day. If you wear thick socks, you will certainly achieve the desired results faster. This solution is especially suitable for shoes made of thin leather. Thicker material is much less flexible and may therefore have a harder time tearing it apart. 

If you are unable to put your shoes on due to fear of chafing and blisters, use a shoehorn. It can be wooden or metal. With her back, rub the places where the shoes are least comfortable. This way you will soften them, making them less tight.

You must have old newspapers at home. Roll them into balls and put them in the shoe where you feel the greatest pressure. Depending on whether the shoes are just a little tight or completely uncomfortable, leave the newspapers inside them for a few hours or overnight. You will get a similar effect by replacing the newspapers with balls from your socks.

Heat is another way that can work wonders when dealing with tight leather shoes. Put a pair of thick wool socks on your feet. If you only have thin cotton socks, we recommend wearing several pairs. Then put on your shoes and make yourself comfortable. Keeping a distance of about 20 cm, aim the dryer at a medium temperature and carefully warm the shoes by wiggling your feet. The duration of this process should not exceed 2-3 minutes for each shoe. Do not take your shoes off until you feel it has cooled down.

A less common, but equally effective, way to stretch leather boots is through steam. Under its influence, the material gains flexibility and adapts to the shape of the foot. If you don't have a clothes steamer, nothing is lost! The steam from the kettle will work just as well. Aim the shoe directly towards the steam and wait about 30 seconds. You can repeat this process successfully until you succeed.

Remember that by using high temperature methods, the skin may become more prone to breakage. To prevent this, we recommend using a special shoe care product.

Invest in the services of a professional or in professional equipment

Buying a stretching spray or shoe trees is not a particularly large expense, and can bring amazing results, especially when you combine these two solutions. Sprinkle the shoes with leather-softening spray and place the shoe trees in them. Gradually adjust the screws until you feel significant resistance. Repeat this action until you reach it and enjoy incomparable comfort.

You can also use the stretching spray yourself. Put the sprayed shoes on your feet and try to spread around the house until the preparation evaporates. Best of all, such a spray can be easily prepared at home. Just mix water and alcohol in equal proportions and spray it on the inside of the shoes. Be careful not to get them wet!  

If you are concerned that DIY with too tight leather shoes may be counterproductive and you do not want to risk damaging your new shoes, which were quite expensive to buy, just use the services of a professional. Stretching leather shoes by a shoemaker usually does not cost too much, and you can be sure that it will be carried out effectively.

To work!

Walking in new leather shoes does not have to be torture, although it is not always possible to avoid abrasions and cracks. It often takes a while for you to distribute new shoes and be able to wear them every day. If you still want to show off your new acquisition to the world, start with a short exits. In this way, your feet will slowly get used to the new footwear, and it will begin to successfully adapt to their shape.

Fortunately, there are proven, home-made methods that allow you to stretch your favorite footwear up to one size in the blink of an eye. Remember that the result depends not only on the method you choose, but also on the type of leather the shoes are made of. To work!