Washing shoes in the washing machine - how to wash shoes so as not to damage them

Your shoes have lost their freshness and have become covered with unsightly-looking stains that are difficult to remove? Are you wondering if washing your shoes in the washing machine is a good idea? Well - it depends. Both on the type of shoes and the material from which they are made. Which shoes can be washed in the washing machine and which ones need to be cleaned by hand?

What shoes can you wash in the washing machine?

While the idea of ​​washing your shoes in a washing machine may seem preposterous at first, it is worth pointing out that some types of shoes will survive this test unscathed. Moreover, the producers allow this possibility by placing the relevant information on the tag. Therefore, to be sure that washing your shoes in the washing machine does not damage your favorite pair, do not forget to read the recommendations of the company that sewed the shoes.

On the whole machine washing works well with cloth shoes such as sneakers or sneakers. The condition is that the footwear is sewn. You may also come across the opinion that this method can also be used with sports shoes, but in this case you should be especially careful.

You will surely be interested in the fact that some popular manufacturers of sports shoes firmly ban their shoes in the washing machine. If you take the risk, there is a high probability that when the shoes are damaged during washing, the manufacturer will not accept the complaint.

In addition, categorically we advise against washing in the washing machine such shoes as: espadrilles, models made of grain and suede leather, as well as high heels, heavy boots and all models are glued. Too long and intense contact with water would certainly contribute to their destruction, which in the case of natural leather models would have financial consequences. On the other hand, in the case of espadrilles, the element that will not survive washing in an automatic washing machine is the characteristic straw sole.

Washing shoes in the washing machine step by step

You already know which type of footwear you can wash in the washing machine and which should definitely not be in the washing machine. But before you happily throw your favorite shoes into the drum of the washing machine, check out our tips on how to safely wash your shoes without damaging them.

  • Clean the shoes of coarse dirt such as mud and sand, which could damage the washing machine drum, hoses, or filters.

  • Remove the laces, as the tight weave prevents the debris from being trimmed precisely. It is best to wash them by hand or in a small bag. If possible, we advise you to remove the inlay as well. 

  • Do not throw your shoes directly into the drum! Use a canvas bag designed for washing shoes. An alternative will be, for example, a pillowcase, or 2-3 towels that will absorb the impact of shoes against the drum. 

  • Use a small amount of mild laundry detergent to wash your shoes. It is recommended not to use fabric softener completely. 

  • How many degrees are shoes washed? The water temperature should not exceed 40ºC. 

  • Select the shortest possible wash cycle, without spinning. In modern models of washing machines, you will certainly find a program designed for washing shoes.

After washing, dry the shoes thoroughly. Remember not to put your shoes in direct sunlight or in a small one distances from a heater or stove, the operation of which could deform or discolor footwear. To keep the desiredy shape shoes, stuff them with newspapers while drying them.

To sum up, washing shoes in the washing machine is safe only for certain models of footwear. Always read the directions on or on the shoe packaging before making your final decision tag inside the shoe. Automatic washing models leather, as well as very contaminated ones, may result in damage to the footwear or the washing machine. Choose hand wash whenever possible, using products available at shoe stores or by using home remedies such as baking soda or a mild detergent.

If your shoes do not need washing, a gentle refreshment with a soft cloth or sponge is enough. In turn, the unpleasant smell, which is the most common reason for washing shoes, can be effectively reduced with a special disinfectant. On our blog you will find an article on methods of removing unpleasant odors from shoes and cleaning the white sole. We encourage you to read the tips that will surely prove useful in everyday shoe care.