Volleyball is a sport that requires proper footwear. It should be properly contoured and non-slip. These criteria are met by Mizuno volleyball shoes.

Colorful Mizuno

Mizuno shoes are characterized not only by the appropriate cut and construction corresponding to the conditions prevailing in the hall. It's also very colorful footwear, not afraid of combining patterns and colors. Such shoes greatly distinguish the volleyball player from other opponents, and above all they are an interesting addition to his volleyball outfit.

Contoured shoes

Mizuno are shoes intended for volleyball players. They are characterized by a specially contoured heel and a slightly higher upper. This allows stabilizing the ankle during even the most risky maneuvers.

The special technology of making the sole guarantees greater cushioning and flexibility, which ensures maximum comfort when running around the hall. The shoes are made of plastic with a special mesh for easy breathing. This technology makes them extremely light.