Looking at Tullo's shoes, it's hard not to miss the warm days of spring and summer. Indeed, pastel colors and shapely, feminine motifs cause thoughts to high temperatures, sunny days, freedom and happiness.

Tullo shoes - pastel elegance

It's hard to find more feminine footwear. Maybe there are no high heels and varnished uppers, but undoubtedly there is a great deal of femininity and elegance in this simplicity and subtle patterns.

There is no boredom in these shoes. Just look at the thoughtful accents that give them character and originality: delicate creases, fancy soles and floral patterns.

For summer stylizations

Tullo shoes seem to be almost created for summer, thin stylizations. They will create an original set with both a summer dress and denim shorts.

The robust design and specially contoured sole makes the Tullo shoes fit the foot like a second skin. The foot is ventilated in them and placed in a comfortable position, even for the whole day of wearing them on their feet.