Trekking shoes

Spring does not spoil us this year, but the long May weekend is approaching! Are you going somewhere or are you staying home? Whatever you need, you need the right shoes! Because a trip to the unknown in inappropriate gear can result in a nasty surprise. Some places, especially mountains, need a proper setting. But slowly, let's look at the shoes that can be useful during an active weekend.

Many people will go to the mountains on a weekend in May. The issue of footwear seems to be very simple. Theoretically, we all know that appropriate footwear is necessary in the mountains, but are you sure?


I think all mountain lovers look at this photo with a sense of horror. If you do not want to pay for the ride the most expensive taxi in the world, that is the already mentioned helicopter GOPRU, equip yourself with comfortable and appropriate shoes.

The set of rules regarding the selection of trekking shoes starts with the basic rules regarding the selection of shoes in general. First of all, the shoes must be of the right size, adjusted to the size of the foot. Secondly, even if the shoes are of a good size, they can not get anywhere. Now we are entering a higher degree of complexity. While staying in the mountains, we usually spend 8-10 hours on foot, while at the same time shoes are on our feet all the time and they work very hard. Under the influence of effort, temperature and other factors, the feet and calves swell and that is why it is very good to try on shoes in the evening when the leg is tired. Ignited mountaineers suggest that you should buy shoes that you can comfortably wear even when you put on two pairs of socks. It is better to breathe cold, but if you do not plan to walk because the mountains are in winter or late autumn, this is not an essential factor.

Another important aspect of choosing mountain boots is the upper. In high-mountain boots, the upper should reach the ankle, which will protect it from painful sprains. Remember that the sole should be thick but flexible and necessarily full of grooves! They will protect you from going downhill like skiing!

There are several of these rules, but it is worth remembering because shoes in the mountains are an investment in your own safety, it is such insurance for the whole body.

If you do not plan to climb the Eagle, you can also choose shoes that will be useful during wandering also on flat terrain. You can then decide on the upper before the ankle and on a more flexible sole.

Be sure to remember that small feet! In the end, children also go to the mountains!

And now, full of knowledge, you can go where your eyes will take you.

A successful picnic! :)