Too tight shoes? How to smash or break apart leather shoes

Are the new shoes too tight? Trying to walk end up with painful chafing and blisters? We have a solution for that! Breaking shoes is often the only way to use them without problems. In this article, you'll find helpful tips on how to break up or separate leather shoes.

Buying a new pair of shoes sometimes has unpleasant consequences in the form of pressure on the foot. This situation occurs especially in the case of leather shoes, both those made of natural and ecological leather. Measuring shoes in the store is usually limited to a few minutes' activity. On the other hand, when buying shoes in online stores, we cannot try them on before finalizing the transaction, because the entire purchasing procedure is based on determining the correct size of the insole. When trying the shoes at home, it turns out that while the size is good, the shape of the shoe does not fully correspond to the foot structure, and as a result we feel discomfort when wearing it.

Fortunately, we know effective ways to gently break shoes so that they get the right size and shape, as a result of which they will become comfortable and you will eliminate unpleasant and painful skin abrasions. Check, how to smash or split leather shoes!

How to smash shoes - homemade ways

Among the effective methods for shoes that are too tight, you will find both professional and home ones that have been successfully used for many generations. Known by our parents, they have survived to this day and are a basic lifeline in the case of uncomfortable or too small shoes.

  • Reliable hammer. The first thought in similar situations is to smash the shoes with a hammer. This is a good method, as long as you do it delicately, because unskillful or too intense hammering on leather shoes with a hammer can end up in quite a disaster. The hammer will only work to break and soften too sharp or badly fitting edges of a shoe. Under no circumstances try to use this method on other parts of the shoe!

  • Warm air flow from the dryer. Warm air will soften the skin, making it more plastic and easier to adjust to the shape of the foot. After the shoe is warm, put it on your foot and try to spread it until it cools down. You can repeat the action if necessary. It should be emphasized that the hot stream should be directed only into the inside of the shoe, never directly on the outer parts of the leather.

  • Boots from the freezer. Yes, this is also an effective way to break tight shoes! Just pour water into the bags and put them inside your shoes. Then you need to put the shoes in the freezer and leave them for about a day. Freezing water will increase its volume, and thus - the size of your shoes.

  • The parting of the shoes. One of the most popular and, at the same time, the most frequently used methods, i.e. the traditional wearing of shoes that are too small. Gently wet thick socks, put them on your feet, then put your feet in your shoes and walk around the house as you do your daily chores. The activity should be repeated until it is successful, but it is worth noting that the effects should appear fairly quickly.

How to smash leather shoes - professional methods

In addition to the above-mentioned home remedies for smashing shoes, we also know more professional methods. They will work for people who are afraid of struggling with too tight shoes on their own and prefer to use the knowledge of specialists.

  • Shoe breakdown preparations. You can find them in shoe stores or at a shoemaker. They usually have the form of an aerosol that just needs to splash the inside of the shoe. The agent has a softening effect, which makes it easier to spread the uncomfortable shoe later. 

  • Rules. They work well not only as a gadget that facilitates the storage of leather shoes, but also for enlarging too tight models. Depending on the board used, you can widen or lengthen the shoes, but be sure to do this carefully. Incorrect installation of the board may damage the shoe. 

  • Help of the shoemaker. The last of the methods mentioned by us, but not the least important. The decision to give too tight shoes to a shoemaker is sometimes the only right decision. So if you do not want to risk damaging your shoes, especially the expensive ones, use the help of a professional. A shoemaker with the help of tools will effectively break down too tight shoes, making it more comfortable and comfortable to wear. Importantly, the cost of the service is usually reasonable, which additionally speaks in favor of a specialist.

Any of the above-mentioned methods will help with tight shoes. Remember, however, that when you try to break leather shoes yourself, you have to do it very carefully and delicately to prevent damage. If you are concerned that the effect may be disproportionate to the amount of work involved, or that you may accidentally damage your shoes, it is definitely a better decision to give your shoes to a shoemaker who knows how to smash your shoes.