The most fashionable women's shoes for spring 2019

The temperature outside indicates the middle of winter, but on the runways you can feel distinct gusts of spring. We look forward to the next season of the year. We can make the waiting more pleasant by doing our first spring shopping. Below we suggest what the most fashionable shoes will be in spring 2019!

Beautiful high heels with interesting prints

Spring will please lovers of high heels, because high heels are a must-have accessory for the warmer months. Remember that shoes in the 2019 season have thin and high heels. What's more, according to Alexander McQueen, each pair should be richly decorated - we can choose a copy with a floral print or stones and beads sewn onto a shoe decorated with a snake skin pattern. Shoes with clasps and buckles or mesh elements will also be fashionable. High, thin heels can be found in pumps and boots with pointed tips. Ideally, the tip should be in a color different from the rest of the shoe - the most eye-catching, as in the Dries Van Noten collection. Sandals with thin straps and a heel - a pin will also be fashionable! We will show the greatest sense of style when we wear shoes on which intriguing patterns and interesting accessories have been combined. It is a great choice for women who have mastered the ability to properly move in high heels on uneven pavements.

Sandals not necessarily on a high post

The Chanel fashion house has prepared a fashion inspiration for flat shoes fans for the coming spring. Valentino's proposals include low slippers in a warm, coral color decorated with feathers. Comfortable sandals low-heeled shoes will please those of us who walk a lot, prefer a style of clothing inspired by men's fashion or feel better when shoes do not add to their height. However, if we like to display a shapely calf, Miu Miu offers richly decorated sandals on the platform.

A great return of triangular and wide heels

If we are loyal fans of fashion, in spring we will wear high boots or ankle-length boots with a length to the middle of the calf with neat, triangular heels, for example those from Isabel Marant - thin, made of suede or patent leather, decorated with rhinestones or openwork patterns. They are perfect for a warm and sunny spring, and in combination with a beige or white trench coat, they are a must have for the upcoming season! High heels can be colored or transparent - like Louis Vuitton's - it's important that they look good.

Original sports shoes

Designers also remembered about sports footwear supporters who stormed the streets of Stockholm, Berlin and Paris and took control of Instagram. Sneakers or sneakers They look great combined with a coat, parka or bomber. We can put them on trousers, dresses and skirts. This fantastic footwear also goes well with a classic women's suit, as it allows you to break the official character of this garment. Models fashionable in spring 2019 will be colored, tied and taller - ankle-length.

In the upcoming spring 2019 season, each of us will find fashionable shoes suitable for ourselves. Supporters of classic high heels, lovers of flat sandals or medium heels and fans of sports style - we will all look beautiful in the most fashionable shoes that are waiting for us on the KeeShoes website.