The most comfortable shoes for trips abroad

A trip abroad is a great opportunity to get to know different cultures, discover flavors and admire beautiful views. It's best to explore the new places on your own, using local transport or just walking. Independent expeditions, during which you get to know foreign lands on your own feet, are a reliable way to create memories. When planning a trip abroad, you need to take care of appropriate footwear. We help to choose shoes that will work best during tourist journeys.

Comfortable sports shoes

Light, comfortable sports shoes it is the basis for any foreign trip. They will be perfect all year round in warm climates and in spring, summer and autumn if you are going on a trip around Europe, the United States or Canada. We can also choose running shoes that are light, breathable and incredibly comfortable. When purchasing in an online store such as KeeShoes, remember to choose a size 1 or 2 larger than the one we wear every day. During exercise or in the heat, the foot may swell, which in a shoe that is too tight will quickly result in abrasions and painful blisters. We can also put sports shoes on the plane, together with longer socks, and we will definitely feel comfortable. If you suffer from circulation problems, unfasten and loosen your shoes during the flight so that you do not feel pressure around the ankle.

Irreplaceable sandals

Comfortable sports or leather sandals with a soft insole is a great complement to our luggage. They are light and the foot breathes in them, which prevents blisters and chafing. The straps allow you to adjust the sandals to the size of the foot, which can swell with increasing ambient temperature. You can choose fashionable and perfectly fitting travel sandals in the KeeShoes online store. However, remember to leave your sandals in your backpack when you plan to visit mountain areas or go climbing.

Good quality trekking shoes

If we like active recreation, and in the mountains we find everything we love, the best investment will be to buy well-made and well-shaped trekking shoes. It is important that the chosen model has a durable bond, decent tread on the sole and ends above the ankle - stabilization of the ankle joint is necessary when descending mountain trails. Remember that trekking shoes are heavy, so let's put them on your feet when traveling by plane, and take turns with light sports shoes or sandals and universal flip-flops in your suitcase.

Perfect matching flip-flops

Every traveler and tourist knows that flip-flops are a must have in their backpack. They are comfortable, light and take up little space. Tourist slippers will be appreciated by both true globetrotters and lovers of all inclusive options. We will use them in the shower, while walking on the beach or in the resort, also relaxing by the swimming pool. Flip-flops are also an excellent replacement footwear when we are caught in the rain and the walking pair has to dry.

Lack of appropriate shoes or an uncomfortable pair on your feet can spoil the trip and deprive us of the pleasure of sightseeing. So, for a trip, let's choose shoes that we are happy to wear every day to make sure that she will feel comfortable during long trips around the city or in the bosom of nature.