The most beautiful First Communion shoes

Every mother dreams of making her child look beautiful and elegant during the First Communion celebration. On Sundays in May you can admire the beautifully dressed children gathered in front of the churches - girls dressed in white dresses with wreaths woven into their hair and boys in suits. We advise which shoes will be the best for the child for the First Communion.

What should communion shoes be like?

The couple that we plan to put on the child for the First Communion should be, above all, comfortable. He cannot hurt and rub his feet. Our little one will have to stay in it for several hours! Shoes should match the style and cut to the type of clothing. For the alb, let's choose a modest pair in the shade of the robe. If we dress the child in a dress or a suit, we can opt for more decorative shoes. What else is worth considering? Of course, our child's preferences. If the shoes are not to your liking, chances are that getting ready to go to church on Holy Communion will end in crying.

We choose girls' shoes for the First Communion

The stores offer a large selection of First Communion shoes for girls. Traditional snow white slippers are the most popular. Micro pumps can be plain or decorated with bows, cubic zirconia and stripes. What is most often the subject of girls' sighs? Heels! Remember that shoes can be low, but even a 1-centimeter heel will be a source of pride for our child. Traditional girls' footwear has a platform and buckle fastening. The little elegant lady will surely like it. White ballerinas are also fashionable - this type of footwear is recommended for the comfort of wearing. Moreover, it can be used later for summer dresses. Buying First Communion shoes can be a real experience for a girl! For many young ladies, this is the first adult couple. Therefore, parents most often decide to choose an elegant model that the daughter liked. Remember to calmly approach the search for these only shoes. A great solution may be to place an order in the KeeShoes online store. At home, there will be enough time to try on the selected pair and see if it fits the dress. Remember to match the white outfit with shoes in the same shade. The combination of snow-white fabric with ecru-colored pumps will make the toes look dirty or simply old.

Which shoes will be the best for the boy?

Elegant communion shoes for boys

Choosing shoes for a boy is a bit less complicated than for a girl. A little gentleman can wear a traditional formal pair for this celebration. Tied black shoes will go well with a dark suit. We can choose a matte pair that resembles adult shoes, or shiny patent leather shoes. Before making a decision, let's ask our son for his opinion to make him feel comfortable during the whole ceremony. We can loosen the initial character of the entire outfit a bit by choosing a colorful bow-tie and laces to match the suit. Before deciding to buy, let's also think about the type of material from which the shoes will be made. Are we looking for a pair made of natural or synthetic leather? Remember that the 10-year-old's foot is still growing very fast and the shoes bought for the First Communion after a few months may already be too small.

There are many styles of First Communion shoes for boys and girls. Let's choose the ones that are comfortable, match the outfit and that our child likes best.