The devil is not that scary, i.e. men's sandals in a stylish edition

Meteorologists agree - the coming summer will be really hot! Whether you plan to spend them on the beach or in the city, you definitely want to feel comfortable while still looking good. It is equally important that your feet do not sweat excessively. For these reasons, many men decide to buy sandals. Find out if it's a good idea and how to wear them to look good.

Not only for Janusz ...

When thinking about men's sandals, many people have something nightmarish before their eyes - a combination of sandals with thick, long socks, fishermen and an indispensable attribute in the form of a bag of one of the popular discount stores.

Fortunately, men's sandals are not reserved only for the typical Janusz and you can look really stylish in them. You just need to follow a few rules that we have discussed in this article.

Rule 1: Take care of your feet

Unkempt feet paired with open shoes never look good, whether it's a woman or a man. Although women relatively rarely have a problem with this and eagerly use the services of a beautician, many men do not pay so much attention to the appearance of their feet. This is a big mistake, especially if you plan on wearing sandals.

Men's sandals simply require well-groomed feet. Shorten nails carefully and get rid of dry skin on the heels. If that doesn't work, put your feet in the hands of a professional. Almost every city has a podiatry office where you can deal with this problem in no time.

Rule 2: Beware of socks

If you think that a combination of men's socks and sandals is however acceptable, you are very wrong. There is no worse duo, and worse - it completely misses the point. This combination has been considered the greatest for years faux-pas in fashion. 

If you are very tempted to combine socks with men's sandals, you only have one right option. Just don't do it! In this situation, depending on the circumstances, built-up shoes - moccasins, low shoes, sneakers or sneakers - will be much better.

Rule 3: Match men's sandals to the circumstances

Men's sandals are not suitable for all occasions. Do not wear them to your office, business meeting, or wedding or party. This way, you will look sloppy and unprofessional.

However, they are perfect for the beach, a walk around the city or a casual barbecue meeting.

Sandals made in a special technology are perfect for mountain hiking. This type of shoe is characterized by proper sole grip, proper arch support and many other aspects that make men's sandals the right footwear for the trail.

Which men's sandals to choose?

Now that you know what to avoid, it's time to pick the right pair of sandals. For a stylish man, sandals made of high-quality leather with a minimalist strap around the heel are the best. If you want to look really good, avoid colorful, motley models. In this way, you can introduce too much contrast, making your styling discordant. Remember that beauty is in simplicity.

Choose a muted pair of leather sandals in a neutral shade. Black, brown, navy blue or graphite will work best. 

Sports men's sandals are the perfect choice for long walks. Are you on holiday in the mountains? Or maybe you are planning a few hours' sightseeing of a charming city on a hot day? Sports sandals are your ally! They will not only help you avoid unpleasant feet sweating, but also provide you with the necessary comfort.

What to wear men's sandals with?

The casual nature of this footwear makes men's sandals look great with shorts and polo shirts. Choose pants made of cotton or denim. You can successfully match sports shorts and a comfortable T-shirt with sports shoes. 

You can even wear men's leather sandals in neutral shades with chinos and linen shirts. Remember to tuck the trouser legs a little to show off your ankles and make you look more stylish. Don't forget the trendy hat and sunglasses! 

If you want to emphasize the holiday atmosphere of your outfit, opt for a Cuban-style shirt, linen shorts and minimalist fabric sandals. This way you get an undeniably summery look. 

Avoid combining sandals with jeans and an elegant shirt. Matching them with a suit should be absolutely forbidden!

Not so scary a devil

As you can see, the devil is not as scary as he is painted. Sandals will easily provide you with comfort and airiness on hot days, emphasizing the holiday atmosphere of your outfit. Be aware, however, that all it takes is one unfortunate move and you may look like a lost German tourist on vacation.

Fortunately, men's sandals can definitely look completely impeccable if you follow a few basic rules that we have covered in this article. Also, do not forget about the proper care of your shoes.