The best shoes for New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is one of the most anticipated days of the year. It is worth remembering that choosing the right shoes is just as important as the right dress. If you want to shine that night, then in this post you will definitely find something for yourself.

Shiny pins

These are the most popular shoes for this type of event. Many women, however, are afraid of high heels, thinking that they will not last in them all night. However, it should be remembered that well-chosen shoes, even on the highest heels, will be comfortable to wear. I highly recommend you pins with sequins or brocade, which you can also combine with shimmering clothes. This evening you can let your fantasy run free, so don't be afraid of risky connections. If you want to add your claw styling, then you should look at the red heels.

Comfortable boots

Boots with various designs are a hit this fall. The ones with a leopard pattern or snake skin will definitely be suitable for this wonderful night. If you do not want to combine, for example, grids and leopards, then you should be interested in suede options with a heel type post. In the case of footwear of this type, in black you will be able to, then she could easily put on at other parties. This is one of those trends that keeps coming back in fashion magazines.

Flat ballerinas

In my opinion, this is the safest option for New Year's Eve, if you want to dance all night, have fun actively. If you are looking for a safe stock of shoes in which you will definitely be comfortable, opt for flat ballerinas. Choose them in different variants - go crazy like with stilettos! After all, the more glamor, the more likely you will be in the spotlight of party people. In addition, ballerina shoes are not the most expensive shoes. On the contrary. They will help you in many similar situations. This is not a one-time purchase, but universal. Let's stick to it without refusing to add flat shoes to the basket in the online store!

Heel sandals

You probably associate it more with summer, but they will be good in the middle of winter. Their advantage is that they are as feminine as high heels, but they come with heels of varying widths and thicknesses. Pay particular attention to the metallic versions, including gold and silver. However, they also look dazzling when they are black and have high heels. Of course, you can also choose low-heeled sandals, then they will play a role similar to ballerinas.


Regardless of your plans for New Year's Eve, with today's possibilities, you will definitely choose something for yourself. It all depends on where you go and your budget. However, with the right preparation, you'll always look good.