Stylish man's guide. Check what to wear with Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are simply made for stylish men. These shoes are an undeniable classic of the genre that perfectly harmonizes with many styles. You can successfully wear them every day, to the office and even on a date. We advise what elements of clothing to combine with this footwear to delight regardless of the circumstances.

Perfect shoes for bad weather and more

Chelsea boots are one of the most universal shoes that every stylish man should have in his collection. This classic footwear, although it belongs to elegant wardrobe items, can successfully complement everyday stylizations.

Leather boots in the style of Chelsea boots are a great choice for bad weather, which can be the basis of many autumn stylizations. Thanks to the relatively high upper, they will cover your ankle, providing it with additional protection against the cold. When deciding to buy this footwear, you do not have to limit yourself to cloudy weather. If you style them properly, you can also successfully wear Chelsea boots on warmer days.

Interestingly, Chelsea boots appeared as early as Victorian times. Over time, they won the hearts of all fashionable men. Even members of bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have worn them. It does not surprise us at all! Lack of laces and elastic rubber on the sides ensure real comfort when putting on and taking off shoes, and the timeless look phenomenally enriches many everyday and festive styles.

What to wear men's Chelsea boots with?

Are you wondering what to wear men's Chelsea boots with? You are in the right place! We know the answer to this question.

Chelsea boots are simple and at the same time relatively elegant. We are convinced that your wardrobe will have many elements that you can easily combine with them, creating a fantastic end result.

The simplest solution is to combine Chelsea boots with well-fitting trousers, a classic shirt or a plain T-shirt and a fabric jacket. If you want to look more casual, roll up your shirt sleeves a few times and give up your jacket. On cooler days, you can replace it with a leather jacket.

You can successfully wear these shoes with a suit. However, take note of a few aspects we've covered in this article.

Which pants fit Jodhpur boots and which models are better to avoid?

Thanks to such great versatility of men's Chelsea boots, you can wear them both with jeans, chinos and suit trousers. Pants with tapered or straight legs are perfect for Chelsea boots.

Avoid baggy pants that could make you look a bit sloppy. Obvious faux-pas would also be wearing these shoes with sweatpants.

If you want casual looku, you can roll up your pants just enough to show off your shoes. However, this trick won't work with suit pants.

Every day men's Chelsea boots

Do you like casual style? Men's Chelsea boots perfectly fit into such stylizations, giving them undeniable charm. Choose a pair of brown, beige or graphite Chelsea boots to suit your style outfitthose casualof this character.

For everyday use, choose suede models that will give the desired texture to any styling. This material will make you look good and neat. Remember that a rounded toe and a low heel are better for everyday styling than for larger outings.

Wear them with tapered leg jeans. Put on a plain T-shirt and put on a cardigan or a Ramones jacket. Dressed like this, you can successfully go shopping, take a walk in the old town and even go on a date.

When choosing Chelsea boots for everyday wear, avoid shiny material, high heels and excessively pointed toes. Otherwise, styling such shoes may turn out to be much more complicated.

Men's Chelsea boots for the office and for larger occasions

Chelsea boots are made for shirts! Depending on the specifics of your work, you can wear them in combination with jeans, chinos or more elegant suit trousers.

Are you not sure if Chelsea boots match the suit? You can definitely wear them with formal attire, as long as you choose the right pair. If you want to look elegant, avoid suede models. Instead, choose Chelsea boots made of good quality leather with a slightly pointed toe.

If you are wearing a classic suit and a white shirt, opt for black leather Jodhpur boots, which you will polish to a high gloss beforehand. However, for tweed or cotton suits, choose the brown model. However, remember to avoid the rubber soles of men's Chelsea boots when wearing suits. Although they are more resistant to everyday use, leather soles are better suited for larger outings.

How to take care of Chelsea boots?

Remember that even the most meticulously selected styling will not help you achieve the WOW effect if your Chelsea boots are not clean and well-groomed.

If you plan to wear Chelsea boots in winter, avoid suede models that can show unsightly stains. Chelsea boots made of good quality leather will be much easier to care for.

Regardless of which material you choose, do not forget to secure your shoes before the first use. You will need a special protective agent for the care of suede or leather.