Starring: wedge-heeled shoes. We suggest what to wear them with to always look divine

They can lengthen the legs to the maximum, slimming the entire figure, and at the same time they are incredibly comfortable. Wedges, because we are talking about them, look great not only in summer and spring, but also in autumn. We suggest what to wear them with to always look divine.

3 reasons why we love wedges

Women love wedges for a reason. They are comfortable, make you look taller and slimmer, fit many styles, and do not cause discomfort when walking. However, these are not all the advantages of this footwear. We briefly discussed why wedges are worth adding to your wardrobe. 

First, convenience. Wedges, although they lengthen and slim the leg as perfectly as heels, are as comfortable as flat shoes. You can successfully wear them every day, enjoying maximum comfort. Thanks to the even distribution of the body weight on the wedge heel, your foot practically does not get tired, and you can easily implement your plans.

Second, in wedges Your legs look neater. They become optically longer and slimmer. A perfect example is the combination of nude wedge shoes with open legs. For fans of black, a combination of black, matte wedges with black, thin tights will work well.

Thirdly, walking in wedges is much easier than walking in high heels. The even and relatively large surface will allow you to walk steadily, and you will avoid trips and falls.

Look phenomenal no matter what the occasion

In addition, wedges are very versatile and fit practically everything. They look great in combination with dresses, shorts, skirts, jeans and even leggings. They look amazing with almost any outfit, adding elegance and sophistication to the styling. 

No matter where you are going, wedges are a great choice if you like practical and comfortable solutions. You can put them on to work, for a walk around the city, shopping in a mall, meeting friends, a friend's wedding in a picturesque garden, and even to the beach. 

Wedge shoes are the perfect accent that will add a unique expression to any styling. Whether you're wearing a flowing maxi dress, jeans and your favorite T-shirt, or shorts and a swimsuit top, you can be sure the wedges will create a WOW effect!

The perfect duo, i.e. wedges and pants

Wedge shoes and pants are a perfect duo. They look phenomenal in combination with classic jeans, bells and even shorts. Set your favorite pants with a tank top or a T-shirt with an interesting print. If you want, you can put on a loose, double-breasted jacket, long cardigan or trench coat on top. 

You are a fan of styling total look? Combine blue jeans with a denim shirt in a slightly lighter shade and navy blue wedge-heeled pumps. The strap around the ankle will provide you with additional stability, so you will not feel discomfort even during long walks. You can replace the shirt with a black or white top and wear a katana on top.

Wedge shoes look great with leggings. Choose a waxed model, white oversize'that shirt and black wedge sandals made of high-quality ecological leather. Such styling will be perfect, for example, for an office or for a job interview.

Feminine styling with wedge-heeled shoes

Are you looking for the perfect shoes for an airy, floral skirt? Bet on intensely pink wedge shoes. Such footwear will help you revive any stylization and add a unique accent to it. If you prefer more muted colors, go for light gray wedgesthat go with virtually anything. 

For a bright midi dress, choose blue wedges with ties and charming ornaments. This color will perfectly emphasize your tan, additionally slenderizing your legs. If you want to look even more feminine, go for comfortable ones sandals with an original braid. Remember, however, that when wearing wedges with open heels, you must ensure that your feet are properly moisturized.

Wedges for the beach

Are you going to the beach? Decide on wedge espadrillesto pair with a swimsuit top and loose linen trousers or shorts. Wear a boho-style braided cape over the top. Don't forget your hat and sunglasses!

For women who want to get the effect of legs up to the sky, we recommend it flesh-colored shoesthat will create the optical illusion you want. 

If you want maximum comfort on the beach, choose wedge heelsthat combine modern design with the classics beloved by many women.

Wedges for an autumn walk

Contrary to appearances, wedge heels are not only a good choice for warm days. They will also work well during the autumn weather. Choose model with a hidden wedge and match it with pants or a skirt and a fashionable trench coat.

Wedges have everything that we expect from shoes: practicality, elegance, versatility and, above all, comfort. We are sure that by following our tips, you will look amazing no matter what the occasion.