Sports shoes for casual styling - how to wear them?

Everyone has their own preferences regarding the style in which they dress. If you choose more loose and comfortable combinations every day, sports shoes should not be missing in your wardrobe. We advise how to combine them with casual stylizations and reveal which models are the hit of this season!

Sports shoes - adored by women and men

One could say a lot about the advantages of sports shoes - comfortable, stable, fashionable, suitable for many occasions. So it is hardly surprising that they can be found in every wardrobe. Today, they are worn not only for the gym or for sports, but also on a daily basis, and even for more formal occasions. They are a perfect match for more elegant stylizations and complement the casual ones. Gentlemen are not afraid to pair them with suits, and ladies with dresses. They are included in the rankings in every season and regardless of age.

How to combine sports shoes with everyday stylizations - tips?

  • Choose comfort - if you prefer a loose style on a daily basis, you certainly care about comfort. So choose sports shoes that will guarantee it. With sweatpants, joggers or jeans, each sports footwear looks great.
  • Ladies for light, feminine stylizations, we recommend both sneakers and massive sneakers, which are now an absolute trend! Large, colorful and old-school shoes will give a casualty look to even the most elegant combinations, they match perfectly with summer dresses, but also with overalls or women's suits.
  • For men, for elegant styles, we recommend sneakers, all black shoes, and for more bold ones - colorful sneakers. Today, it is fashionable to break the style in an intriguing way, so even with shoes you can create a fashionable, casual outfit.
  • All types of sports shoes will look great for both women and men every day, with jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts or sweaters. You can follow our trend tips or just choose what you like. Fashion for sports shoes has become such a vast issue that virtually every cut, color and model is up-to-date and perfectly complements the styling.
  • Sports shoes are also more and more boldly used in a business dress code. Workers are no longer required to have high heels, patent leather shoes and elegant shoes, but are left with a lot of freedom. Women's suit and Converses - great idea! Elegant crease pants, shirt and suspenders paired with sneakers - a bull's eye. Of course, it is still better to choose for important business meetings moccasins or shoes for men or ballerinas and shuttles in the case of women, but on a daily basis - we strongly support sports variants!

Sports shoes for casual stylizations - the biggest 2019/2020 trends

Suggestions for women:

Suggestions for men:

In summary, sports shoes have many faces. The choice is so huge that you can easily find a variant for yourself. We recommend that you browse the KeeShoes offer for women and men. Follow our tips and your casual shoes will fit perfectly. Good luck!