Women who, in their everyday footwear choices, primarily focus on courage and character, should look into this category. Sixth Sense shoes are an exact reflection of these features.

Shoes with strong character

If you can say that any shoes have a strong character, they will certainly be shoes from this category. Their heavy, slightly rock character means that they will add a claw to each, even the most everyday stylizations. You can also put them into the dress, creating an original look, which everyone will surely pay attention to.

What testifies about their character?

The extraordinary character of Sixth Sense shoes is added by cleverly placed accessories that emphasize the unique character of the footwear. Tassels, beads, metallic inserts, rock straps, massive platforms - all this means that all shoes coming out from under Sixth Sense wings are small footwear art masterpieces that you can not ignore. It is certainly worth finding a place for them in your wardrobe.