Shoes for a wedding and a wedding reception - sandals, high heels or pumps? Which model of shoes to choose?

Shoes for a wedding are one of the key elements of styling. Regardless of whether you are a bride or one of the invited guests - properly selected shoes will ensure great fun until dawn. Which shoe model should you choose? Sandals, pumps, or maybe classic high heels? What considerations should you consider when buying shoes for a wedding ceremony and reception? Check out our tips.

We choose shoes for the wedding - some important tips

It cannot be denied that we spend most of our time finding the perfect dress. This is where all the attention is focused. Everyone talks about the dress and everyone looks at it. Nevertheless, properly selected shoes are equally important, because our comfort and well-being depend on their comfort. When choosing shoes for a wedding ceremony and reception, it is worth paying attention to a few important details.

What shoes will work at a wedding? How to choose the perfect footwear?

  • Choose models made of natural leather.

  • Choose your shoes for the season.

  • Make sure the shoes are comfortable and do not put pressure on your feet.

  • The style of shoes for a wedding should match the cut of the dress.

  • Match the color of the shoes to the color of the outfit.

  • Take time to find the perfect model.

Although the above tips are quite obvious, we often forget about them, especially when our head is concerned with organizing a party or, in the case of guests - buying the perfect outfit. Do not forget that the quality and comfort of the shoes for the wedding depends on how successful it will be!

High heels, pumps or maybe sandals? Shoes for wedding creations

The principle of choosing shoes for a wedding is analogous to the choice of shoes bought for other occasions. The overriding issue, in addition to comfort, is to match them to the color and cut of the dress.

When deciding on a long dress, put on classic high heels or elegant high-heeled sandals. These models will beautifully lengthen the legs and slender the whole figure. In addition, a woman in high heels looks extremely effective, tasteful and attracts attention. High heels will work especially for shorter women and women who feel comfortable wearing high heels.

If a short dress is your choice, we recommend taking a peek towards stylish sandals with an ankle ties. Remember, however, that this decoration optically shortens the legs, so it will be an optimal choice for tall ladies.

Pumps for a wedding? Of course! By replacing high heels with pumps, you will keep yourself comfortable and avoid pain in your feet. What's more, the pumps are characterized by a stable heel, most often in the form of a post, thanks to which they will be a good choice for women who prefer flat-heeled shoes on a daily basis.

Or maybe ballerinas? This model of shoes is eagerly bought by tall women, but not only. Ballerinas are cute shoes for summer styling because they look delicate and do not overwhelm the outfit. In addition, they are a convenient alternative to models with a pin or post, which is why women who value comfort and freedom during wedding fun are more and more willing to choose models with a flat sole.

What color of shoes to choose for a wedding?

Answering the question, what color should shoes for a wedding, you should consider the function of the selected shoes. Interestingly, properly selected can significantly change the styling.

Classic colors such as black, white or nude will perfectly blend with the dress and other accessories. If your intention is to emphasize one element, maybe it is worth putting on shoes?

Metallic, shiny, with numerous ornaments, or maybe in an intense color? Perfect, but remember that when you choose expressive shoes for a wedding, the dress should be modest and in subdued colors to avoid excess and that the shoes do not overwhelm the styling.

When composing a wedding look, it is worth paying attention to the entire figure and emphasizing what you want to pay attention to your party companions. And most importantly - when choosing shoes for the wedding, plan your purchases well in advance so that you can test them in peace. Pay attention to the quality of workmanship and the material from which they were sewn. Even the most beautiful and effective model will be a missed purchase if it turns out to be selected shoes for a wedding they are uncomfortable, unstable or uncomfortable.