Shoe trivia - check if you know it!

We are facing another, second article from the series of footwear trivia. Exceptionally, we will go back a bit in time, first remembering the age closer to us, and ending with the figure of Marie Antoinette. Before it comes, it's worth asking yourself whether shoes can be ... a symbol of happiness? Yes! It turns out that in Asia very often beautiful pins are embedded in the buildings when bringing them. They are to bring prosperity to new residents!


But since we talk about shoes ...

Footwear has always been fascinating and inspiring. Not only as you can see in the example above. It can be added that the so-called flapper girls, or boys, owe their name to shoes. This is a characteristic sound, issued by the rubber boots worn by them. Old times, oh old, however, the Flapper Girls theme can be seen in some new movies. Do you know a title?


And once you did not wear shoes!

We know how it sounds! However, it is worth knowing something about the moment when people started REGULAR walking in their shoes. It turns out that only after the war the villagers in Poland started to wear shoes, regardless of the season. Earlier, shoes were put only in the case of winter and frost. Possibly, they were put on by entering the church. But not on the road - this one was still barefooted.


And what about Marie Antoinette?

We do not know if you watched the movie "Marie Antoinette", which was a biography of this well-known woman. The film, however, can be seen that the queen had as many as 500 pairs of shoes for different occasions. Each pair was hand made, intricately cared for details, to please Marie Antoinette. In addition, the maid handled the shoes - taking care of the royal slippers was her only and most important task.

Shoes, and shoes - who would have expected, right? We know, however, that many people are interested in such information, and we are happy to share it. After all, who would have thought that only a few decades ago Polish people could walk without shoes or that wellies create a certain feminine image?