Scratches and abrasions on shoes? Check how to mask them!

The formation of scratches on shoes is a natural consequence of everyday use. It is not possible to protect the shoes from minor or major scratches and abrasions. The fact is, however, that scratches take away the desired aesthetics from shoes. Check how to mask the abrasions on the shoes so that they regain their perfect look.

The appearance of various types of defects on the shoes does not mean that they were used in the wrong way. Even careful handling of your favorite pair will not prevent further abrasions and scratches. The most vulnerable places are the sides of the shoes on the inside, which are most susceptible to abrasions while walking, and the upper part of the upper, which is exposed to the formation of kinks related to the anatomical structure of the foot and the natural bending of the toes.

How to mask abrasions on shoes?

If your shoes have been severely damaged and the scratches are deep, a thorough refurbishment of your shoes will be necessary. You can easily remove these smaller and shallower scratches on your own, and what's more - it is not a difficult task to perform.

What products will be needed for minor repairs of damaged shoes?

Basically all you need is a soft cloth or brush, shoe polish and repair paste. Remember to thoroughly clean your shoes and, in the case of lace-up models, remove the laces from your shoes.

Applying a repair cream is one of the most effective ways to remove abrasions and scratches from shoes. However, it is important that the color of the paste is as close as possible to the color of the shoes. The pigment will penetrate the scratch, fill a small cavity, making it completely invisible. In addition, it is a product containing beeswax, which will give the skin proper softness and elasticity, which will additionally translate into increased strength and resistance to damage. The last step is to carefully polish the shoes and polish them with a soft cloth.

One of the home methods of masking abrasions on shoesis to apply a small amount of toothpaste to the scratch site. Apply a small amount of the product to the scratch, rub gently with a soft cloth and then polish the shoes. However, this is a method that should be used with great care, and the toothpaste itself must not contain bleaching abrasive microgranules.

Before using any preparations, test their operation on the invisible part of the footwear. Thanks to this, you will not only be able to determine the colors of individual products, but also prevent the appearance of much more serious damage. If you are concerned about interfering with the structure of your shoes, a visit to a shoemaker's shop will be the best solution. A specialist will mask the scratches on your shoes in a professional manner, thanks to which you will extend their life and restore the attractive look of your favorite pair.