School shoes

When completing a school layette for a toddler, we think about many details. We want to provide the child with everything that is comfortable, of good quality and practical.

We check every detail and evaluate the execution. Among the pencil cases, backpacks and many accessories, school shoes have a strategic place. It is in it that the child spends many hours every day. So - what shoes to choose for school and what to consider?

What to consider when choosing shoes for school?

First, practicality and comfort. Let us remember that in the footwear we buy, children's feet will spend an average of 6 to 8 hours each day. Therefore, it is important that they are airy, flexible and at the same time stable and well-profiled. Let's pay attention to the material and its properties. If it is leather - is it soft and delicate enough? If plastic, is it air permeable enough?

The weight of the shoes is also important. Too heavy will become an unbearable cause of leg fatigue and irritation. Walking in the corridors and spending many hours at school in light shoes will not be a nuisance.

Baby foot measurement

At the outset, it should be emphasized that buying too large shoes is a wrong move. A child in loose shoes will feel uncomfortable, additionally it will have a negative impact on his feet and may even result in distortion of the gait and abrasions. A child's foot grows fast, that's a fact. However, it is unacceptable to choose too large shoes "for the future".

They should fit well to hold the leg properly. It is important not to forget about the possible change in the size of the foot depending on the time of day - it happens that the foot may be longer or wider, especially in summer, on extremely hot days. Moving all day in shoes is simply tiring for the legs, so when choosing the size, make sure that the school shoes are not too tight.

Wearing comfort

Depending on the season and the weather outside, choose the most optimal solution for your child. Pay attention to whether school shoes do not have any stiff or sharp decorative elements. Velcro fasteners will prove to be a good solution, although it will not be so important for an older student, taking into account his independence.

Sports shoes for school

The toddler should be provided with both shoes for exercise during physical education classes, as well as for everyday functioning during lessons. One pair of shoes is not included. First, it will be unhygienic. Sweaty feet after a volleyball match need to rest in dry, fresh shoes. Secondly, sports shoes are shaped differently, and the function of moving around school corridors is different. Let's leave sports shoes for team games and runs. The child must have a second pair for the remaining lessons.

When looking for sports footwear, let's take into account the material used in the production. It must be breathable, quick-drying and gentle on the baby's skin. Let's also take a look at the sole - is it pliable and springy enough? The specificity of physical education lessons is that the training is filled with various forms of activity, ranging from team games to elements of yoga or fitness. Therefore, sports shoes for children should be adapted to intensive use as much as possible.

We should also remember about the non-marking white or gray sole that will not leave any traces on the gymnastic surface. Note that the shoes are stable and the child's legs do not twist in them - stabilization will guarantee safety during sudden movements, jumps and performing figures.

Stylish and healthy for your feet

Children, especially older ones, pay more and more attention to fashion and design. Through a variety of styles, they want to express themselves and feel confident among their peers. They observe the preferences of their friends, follow trends and thus choose something that best reflects their personality. Let's give them a chance to find shoes in which they will feel not only comfortable, but also fashionable.

Both colors and design are important (or the lack of it, if the child prefers minimalism). When choosing footwear for school, let's take into account the fact that every day our child dresses completely differently for classes, so the footwear should be as versatile as possible, so that it does not stand out from the garment.

Fashionable appearance does not have to mean sacrificing health. There are many models of school shoes, the high quality of which harmonizes with the original appearance. It is important to adjust the cut to the child's feet, taking into account all the specific anatomical features. Well-chosen footwear means the whole body is well-rested.